GC prevention has launched of whole goat milk

 Photo source:livejournal.com

In August 2011 GC "prevention" launched the production of whole goat’s milk: whole milk drinking «Lactica» and soft cheese "Dolcheza."
To manufacture these products using high quality milk — raw goat Swiss Zaanen breed. Currently, this breed is one of the most highly productive in the world, and has a long life and good health. The source of the raw milk is their own production.

The group of companies "prevention" — A group of companies with a complete cycle of the 45-year history of dairy products, specializing in the production, processing and marketing of dairy products. GC "prevention" includes: CJSC "lactis", JSC "Luga Dairy" Trading House "prevention", as well as their own farms, which are one of the components of the raw materials for production. The company’s success is based on three components — a modern high-tech manufacturing, skilled personnel and high-quality natural raw materials.
Today the company’s product range includes more than 130 items to 12 product categories. This is the classic milk and milk products (milk, yogurt, sour cream, fermented baked milk, melted milk), delicious and healthy yogurt, a wide range of dessert cheese products, as well as juices, nectars and mayonnaise. We are constantly working to update and extend the range.

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