GDP growth in Russia III quarter was 2.9%


On the production of the gross domestic product (GDP)
in the III quarter of 2012

Russia’s GDP for the III quarter of 2012. at current prices 15,949.3 billion rubles. The volume index of GDP on the III quarter of 2011. was 102.9%, relative to the II quarter of 2012. — 109.5%. GDP deflator for the III quarter of 2012. relative to the prices of III quarter 2011. 107.6%.

The GDP for January-September 2012. at current prices 44,011.0 billion rubles, the index of the physical volume as compared to 9 months of 2011. was 103.9%.


Growth of key sectors of the economy in Q3. The volume index of GDP and gross value added by economic activity at constant prices:

as% of corresponding period of previous year

 Fossil growth 102.1%

 production growth of 103.4%

in, hunting and forestry
 economy decline of 95.2%

 Construction slump 96.8% 

 114.6% increase in activity

 transport and communication growth 104.1%

 wholesale and retail
tion trade, re-
MONT autotransformer
motorcycles, would-
tum products and
items in person-
 Use of 105.1% YoY 107.1%

PS The slowdown in GDP growth in Q3, due to the high base of III quarter 2011 

 During January-September 2011, GDP grew 104.2%, this year, for the January-September by 3.9%. As you can see the current slowdown in the economy by 3 percentage points Let’s see how will Q4. If the growth is good, there is a chance to exceed 4%


The data produced from the source, "Rosstat"


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