GDP of Russia (USSR) as a percentage of U.S. GDP, year-to-year for the period from 1885 to 2006 (121 years).

Below, you can see a graph of the GDP of Russia (USSR) as a percentage of U.S. GDP, year-to-year in the period from 1885 , at the 2006 year (ie, 121 year), captured the three main stages of life in Russia XX Century:
— The last thirty years of the Russian Empire,
— The Soviet period, and, of course,
— Restructuring of the democratization.

Original graphics (according to the sl-lopatnikov’a) Is taken from the report Illarionov in "Independent Media Center"5.06.2007g from -"Foreboding. "

After more than four years, the name seems obvious stretch :)
Given the authorship of the source material, it can be assumed that he (the author, a "liberal" and a prominent economist) ruled out any embellishment "achievements of the Soviet Union"And"falsifications of the Soviet period. "


Below is a graph of the same-supported with him the important historical events.

Author’s schedule, I allowed myself a little treat, in its original form can be found here.


Details Graphics discussed in more detail in the original article (see link at the end of the post), but here we call attention to two of the "myth" is distributed in the last while, which reduced schedule refutes:

[*] The first myth: about "prosperous during the reign of Russia. "On the chart clearly shows that over the past thirty-two years of the Empire, the attitude of Russia’s GDP per capita to GDP per capita of the U.S. population steadily deteriorated and almost fell from 40% to 23% at the beginning of the revolution. For comparison, while the average per capita GDP of African countries in relation to the group of developed countries of the West was about 18%.

It should also be recalled that almost all of the period under review, to 1914 year, Russia was not involved in any major wars, except for Russian-Japanese War 1905 year and the total of its gap with the U.S. is directly related to the wars to be, respectively, can not, for even in the best pre-war, 1913 year, this ratio is slightly above the 30% and it was one-third lower than at the beginning of the period.

[*] The second myth, who immediately falls for traffic analysis "Madison — Illarionov, "Is that, ostensibly, the economy of the Soviet era was ineffective. It also does not find its scientific confirmation.

From the graph that in the long term — for 63 — since the formation of the USSR in 1922 and before the arrival of Gorbachev, despite losses in wars, the country has returned and even slightly above this figure the best level of the imperial era 1885 year.

It should be emphasized that this indicator — relative — GDP 1985 year compared to the U.S. GDP is also 1985 year, which is much faster than GDP in the U.S. 1922 year. In other words, the constancy of the ratio of per capita GDP to U.S. GDP per capita indicates that the country is developing as fast as the U.S.. Increase in the ratio indicates that it is developing faster USA. Therefore, for as long as 63 the USSR has improved this figure is almost four times, it is clear that it was developing faster than the U.S..

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Original, complete, and quite surround the text discuss schedules can be found on LiveJournal sl-lopatnikov the link "News source."

This stuff I went through the records in his LiveJournal polzovoatelya dir_for_live, for which he had a special thank you.

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