Geared to heaven rysachkov

In Research and Production Center Gas Turbine "Salute" conducted development work on a new model of small-sized gas turbine turboprop TV-500S power 630 hp

Interest in small aircraft today is great. Projects — the sea, and also quite enthusiastic. Lacks only one thing — the best of the domestic motor. At present, Russia is not produced turboprop engines of 500 — 700 hp needed for Multi-purpose aircraft. The engine is also required and the usual small aircraft, which is torn to replace the An-2. Such planes already there, you can see them at max. This is the brainchild of Chief Designer NKF "Technoavia" Vyacheslav Petrovich Kondratieff: Certified CM-92 multi-purpose "FINIST ’round the world SM-2000, a modified" Piper "and, finally, a twin-engine" Rysachok ", which is still flying with Czech engines. But in the long run it will set new turboprop engines in Russia.

The heart of the future of the TVD-500C — gas generator — is beating on the test bench Research and Production Center Gas Turbine "Salute". Leading designer Leonid Kirillov and his staff for seven years professionally solve the difficult task of creating original engine and operate mainly on the enthusiasm, as no additional funding is not. "Action is created" from scratch ", and it takes usually a dozen years — said Kirillov. — And if in the near future will finance, then three years later TVD-500C will be ready to run in production. " However, according to a leading designer, modern production facilities and advanced technologies available on the "Salute", would not require major investments of funds for the development of mass production of TV-500C engine. Proudly showing new engine on a test stand, Leonid shared the results of successful tests: experimental parameters of the gas generator compressor practically coincided with the design. To date, complete running chassis gas generator on the test bench, test and launch vibration characteristics, operation of new bench systems, studied the work of the oil system.

TVD-500C power 630 hp will be available in two versions — Planes and helicopters. Already planning to install these engines with three-bladed or five-blade propellers for aircraft SM-92 and "Rysachok."

And now the details that the general reader may be boring, but interested in aviation and professionals — are extremely interesting, as it is about what will be a new theater for small aircraft, and that it would be — do not hesitate.

The motor is a reversal procedure (exhaust device is placed in front, just behind the propeller gearbox) has free turbine annular counterflow combustion chamber, single-stage centrifugal compressor, screw and gear box drives aircraft units. Single-stage axial turbine compressor blades with cooled and uncooled nozzle assembly workers. Free turbine — single-stage axial uncooled. Turbocharger rotor double-seat. Compressor made of titanium, as the housing parts are made of titanium and ceramic abradable coating on the inner surfaces of the blades of the impeller.

Combustion chamber — Annular reverse with 22 nozzles, swirl heads and two spark plugs. The exhaust device is an annular diffuser, rolling in expanding the channel that provides minimal pressure loss. Flange mount exhaust pipe is designed to divert the gas flow in any desired direction.

Serial production and widespread implementation of much-needed engine largely solve the problems of the Russian general aviation.

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