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The U.S. Congress wants to ban Washington arming the Syrian opposition [com]

U.S. Congress to consider a bill that prohibits Washington arming the Syrian opposition. This initiative by a group of senators, TV channel "Russia 24?.

Telegrafist reports that in the U.S., as in Britain, the draw of a card counter by Syrian rebels in the state that the window of opportunity could always come off from their obligations to the militants, explaining in this case the decision of the Congress, not the pressure of Russia. The recognition of the Kremlin’s decision as a serious limiting factor in itself humiliating for the proud Western governments, especially the United States as a hegemonic power for which they consider themselves to be.


The document, in particular, does not allow the Pentagon, the CIA and other agencies to fund military operations in the Arab Republic. At the same time, the humanitarian aid it does not apply.

Political analysts say that such a law is unlikely to approve, because just a week ago, Barack Obama has approved the transfer of small arms and ammunition. This initiative is now also under consideration by Congress.

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