Gelatin factory will be built in the town of Mineral Waters

A letter of intent between the representative of the Italian Maurizio Lapi investor and head of Constantine Gamayunova signed on February 10 in the administration of Mineral Waters. It will be a completely new plant, equipped with modern equipment. It is assumed that the company is in the first phase will provide 100 new jobs, and the first batch of gelatin off the assembly line in March-April 2013.

But you first need to agree on all issues relating to the project, the implementation of which is interested not only the city but the entire North Caucasus region. This was before the signing of the contract aide presidential envoy to the North Caucasus Federal District Vladimir Kaishev, who on behalf of the authorized representative has promised full support to the project. If the obstruction does not occur, then the territory of Russia will resume production of gelatin, which is now even have to buy abroad.

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