General Director of Helicopters of Russia Dmitry Petrov, the pride of the Russian aircraft industry and its prospects


Helicopter — one of the few sectors of the Russian economy, where there is a steady growth. Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise provides a significant portion of this growth, producing some of the most reliable and safest helicopter in the world, which are used security forces, come to India and China, are certified in Europe and North America. About the pride of the Russian aircraft industry and the prospects for the industry "RB" said CEO of the holding company "Helicopters of Russia" Dmitry Petrov.

— What is the Kumertau aircraft manufacturing company to integrate the holding company "Helicopters of Russia"?

— Four years ago, the company was on the verge of bankruptcy. Just think, in 2008, the company’s profit was only 90 thousand rubles. We can say that it was not. For four years, we have managed to literally revive KumAPP. Revenues increased by 5.5 times — up to 10 billion rubles. The volume of commodity production — five times to 9.4 billion rubles. Last year, profit was 12 million rubles. The increase in orders allowed to expand the staff — number of employees increased by 217 people. Twice as increased wages — from 9.8 to 18.1 thousand rubles a month.

These figures allow the start of deep modernization. First improvement is in numbers, there are resources, and then goes for a while, and employees, suppliers, buyers of products, just the residents of the city are starting to see how the company and the environment around him.

— Due to what could achieve such results?

— The first and most important — today all revenues received by the company. Previously, she was mediators who sent money only for salaries and utilities. Now that KumAPP had money to upgrade and expand production. During the four years of service revenues only increased by more than 20 million rubles.

We hiked up the production process seriously, regained control over the quality of materials and components, in short, have introduced performance standards adopted by other companies "Helicopters of Russia".

Due to the centralization of supply and long-term contracts with suppliers we have been able to reduce by nearly one-third the cost of materials and improve the reliability of supply. Excluded from the chain of intermediaries, purchase is made directly from manufacturers. On KumAPP centrally supplied more than 300 names of components and materials worth more than 1.6 billion rubles a year.

— As "Russian Helicopters" are planning to further develop KumAPP?

— Since KumAPP now is a holding company, it can not only provide consumers with the final product, but also to provide the units and apparatus other holding companies. To do this, we will change the structure of production. Will be set up specialized production units and units, centers of competence for individual products.

We consider the investment program, under which only the creation of specialized industries and centers of competence in the next six years could be invested 5.2 billion rubles. In 2013, the company plans to launch full-scale facility (resource) tests. We are also considering the creation of a number of new production units and components. Now we study the conditions for the launch in 2014 of production units bearing systems and blades made of polymer composite materials (PCM) for the Ka-52K and Ka-62. In 2016, serial production is supposed to adjust the fuel tanks of rubber products for all models of helicopters manufactured in the holding. In addition, by the time the project is scheduled for completion modern high production of components and fuselage panels of the RMB. Finally, in 2017, can be opened by the production of aircraft bearings for aircraft and helicopter industries.



— Where will ship these components and assemblies?

— On the other holding companies. KumAPP now receives additional orders due to intercompany cooperation. Of the orders may be coming from the market.

The restructuring is aimed at making KumAPP save as an important part of the holding. Now 90% of the company — it’s ready to helicopters. After the completion of the modernization of helicopters will be 48% of production, while another 52% of the products will be given the competence centers, specialized production units and products for other companies Bashkortostan and Russia.

— How does the government of the republic to the plans "Helicopters of Russia" to modernize KumAPP?

— Welcomes and supports their implementation. We have entered into an agreement with the government on increasing the volume of production in the interests of the enterprises of the republic. If due to the "Russian Helicopters" KumAPP can better integrated into the Russian helicopter industry, the support of the republican government will provide a tighter involvement of the plant to the regional cooperation. If today KumAPP produces for other enterprises of the republic only one percent of the volume of production, by 2017 this figure will reach 10 percent.

— It’s no secret that airline employees are concerned about the reduction. So if they are needed?

— Cuts almost always inevitable when upgrading, restructuring of production. Purchased new equipment for its maintenance needs fewer employees. But layoffs are not significant, although in 2013 — 2014 years the number of employees will be reduced. However, already in 2015, with the launch of the main specialized production, we again begin to hire staff. Employees who have fallen under the reduction will be recruited in the first place. By 2016, we plan to take 700 people. The new equipment will not only improve working conditions, but also to raise the productivity of labor, and thus to increase the salary. Indeed, the low level of wages in many companies it is often due to low production. During the four years that have passed since the occurrence of the holding KumAPP, output per worker has increased more than seven-fold — from 316 thousand to 2.4 million.

"Helicopters of Russia" participate in global competition, we are forced to live on a fairly harsh laws of the world market, a key requirement of which is the performance and efficiency. Every year for the release of the same volume of products to fewer people. To maintain employment, it is necessary to continuously expand production. It was along this path we are going to move on.

— How do you plan to attract staff to KumAPP?

— For the development of the enterprise, of course, need talented world-class engineers who understand the situation in the sector as a whole, are able to develop innovative products that will be competitive in the global market. Of course, the number of such specialists is limited, but working side by side with them will give much in terms of knowledge, experience and qualifications of other staff KumAPP. But in general, we, of course, focus on local talent. We will engage in retraining and return to the production of those we are unable to provide jobs during the restructuring of the company. Secondly, we begin to attract young people, students from Bashkortostan, which will be needed on the new venture.

— What are living Russian helicopter? What are the current achievements?

— Holding one of the five leaders of the world helicopter. In the global market we are in a tenth of a civil segment and one-fifth of the military. On the vast territory we have virtually no competition — this is Russia, CIS countries, many emerging markets.

Last year we introduced a new model of the middle multi-purpose helicopter Ka-62. It will be a reliable, easy to manage, cost-effective machine. When it was created, we used modern composite materials. This is the future o
f aviation technology, the most advanced and innovative solutions that exist in the world today.


— So, talk about the decline of the national science and innovation lag in premature?

— Of course. We have combined research and production potential of the industry. We have a lot of talented engineers, designers, scientists and managers. This gives us the opportunity to be competitive not only in domestic but also in foreign markets. Today, after all the scientific world has no boundaries — in many countries, international developments underway. Take the same composites. In Germany, there is a center, which is engaged in the development of new composite materials. It collaborating scholars and practitioners from around the world. "Helicopters of Russia" are partners in this center.

— Are there examples of successful international cooperation?

— Of course. Under an agreement with the Italian company Agusta Westland and will razrabotyvat new light helicopter klassa.My successfully cooperate with companies in emerging markets — China, Africa, and Latin America.

— They say that our combat helicopters buys even the Pentagon.

— The quality of our machines, their reliability and simplicity make them virtually indispensable in the harsh climate and difficult terrain. No wonder they are in demand by the military authorities of other countries.

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