General Director of Zaporizhstal Rostislav Shurma: We asked a good tone

Against the background of the metallurgical industry of Ukraine and Europe, where there is a significant drop in production, Zaporozhye promgigant looks pretty good — despite the crisis increases output


It is important to note that 90% of all planned investments in 2013 have an environmental focus

The new management team at the plant "Zaporizhstal" came on the penultimate day of July last year, and from the first days of August it had to pull the company out of the pit of losses to which it has slipped in recent months — in June and July was 100 million hryvnia "in the red". In August came out "to zero."

I do not know how to do it, but for a new team say the results — in the following months, in September and October, the plant began to operate as if waking up from a prolonged slumber. There were also many resuscitated stalled investment programs.

Investments in 2012 to modernize and upgrade production facilities Iron and Steel Works "Zaporizhstal" amounted to about 320 million USD, including the largest: the installation of pulverized coal injection in blast furnaces (IFB and BSU) — about 114 million UAH., Reconstruction sintering machine number 1 with the process gas treatment — about 46 million USD., refurbishment of blast furnace number 4 — about 26 million USD. The processes of modernization of fixed assets enterprises have entered the active phase starting in September, during this period was completed a number of long-term strategic projects at the mill.

Resumed fairly large-scale reconstruction of the first sintering machine with the installation of electric current on it. Moreover, this project can be said to purely environmental — on the profit of the company was not affected, but after all the work it will reduce the amount of harmful emissions on this subject in ten (!) Times, and in general, from the Mill — 10 percent, that too much. After the first sintering sintering machines in the shop, the very "dusty" at the plant, such a reconstruction to be on the other five. If each of them "as a whole from the Mill" still reduce emissions by 10 percent, then using simple arithmetic, you can look in the near future. At the plant plans to reconstruct a year for one sintering machines.

And what about the modernization of weight management — the introduction of electronic scales instead of mechanical. Pros — precision weighing almost a "chemist", so no loss, or even more so, of squandering. And the cars are weighed on the go, no stops. All this affects the production efficiency, the reduction in end product costs.

During the same period, from August to December, was commissioned on coal storage base that cost the company 350 million hryvnia, and yet there have been many other things. A coal storage — this is a special project that has no analogues in Ukraine. Expensive? But it’s worth it. Providing raw materials for the installation of pulverized coal injection in the blast furnace, he, along with this setup will allow the company to stop using a blast furnace expensive natural gas. Costs went great, but the savings would be enormous. On the "Zaporizhstal" money and benefits and how to count to count.

In general, the last in 2012 Works "Zaporizhstal" completed with high, one might say — optimistic, indicators.

The results of the past year and plans for the year 2013th was dedicated on 4 January intramural Report — expanded meeting management and plant foremen, all support services and departments "Zaporizhstal".

— Year we are done well, especially if you look at the results of the second half of the year — said the report in full-time CEO of the plant Rostislav Shurma. — In the production of pig iron we came to plus 5 per cent compared with 2011. We almost have kept production of steel and rolled products — there was a slight drop of about 0.5 percent. In principle, this is quite a good indicator on the background of the entire steel industry in Ukraine and Europe, where the fall in output was 5.7 per cent.

We have set a good tone — you need to keep this momentum in January.

General Director Rostislav Shurma after hearing reports of heads of departments, highlighted a good job of distributors, after which outlined clear objectives for the near future.

In 2013, "Zaporizhstal" will continue the modernization of the system of production capacity. Among the major large-scale projects are planned: the construction of a new line of hydrochloric acid pickling cold rolling shop at number one — about 750 million UAH., Reconstruction of gas cleaning sinter machine number 2 — 80 mln. It is important to note that 90% of all planned investments in 2013 have an environmental focus.

— A good start always gives hope for a beautiful finish. So I wish all of us to have and happened and happened to consolidate the gains that we are showing today — said the chairman of the meeting, Prof.
Combine coma Leonid Anisimov. — We have a jubilee year for the plant — November 16 will be 80 years old "Zaporizhstal". I am confident that we will successfully meet our anniversary. With decent performance. With kind words to each other. With awards that honored people will combine.

"Zaporizhstal" — is on the rise. And the crisis is not a crisis — there is no other way at the factory — only the dynamic development! At the helm — a team that is well understood. And who knows what to do.

At full-time report … but clarity of definitions CEO for all production issues, I liked it more and more, too, from the field of "clarity and specificity" — bonuses for good work will pay out at once there, "up", and here and Now — that is, in the same month.

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