«General Dynamics’ AWARDED CONTRACT TO UPGRADE M1 tanks» Abrams «

Company General Dynamics Land Systems has received a contract from the U.S. Army at the cost of 395 million dollars to modernize tanks M1 Abrams, designed for 8 years, reports defpro.daily September 28.
Contract implies impending improvement M1A2SEPv2 tank combat abilities without impairing its basic features. Nizkoseriyny of modernized tanks meant to start in 2017.
«The contract states that the U.S. Army is committed to the forthcoming modernization of tanks of this type, allowing the integration of new systems into existing and future versions of combat platforms. These works will allow to maintain a reputation as the best M1 main battle tank in the world, «said vice president of heavy armament combat brigades of Donald Kotchman (Donald Kotchman).
M1 Abrams was created in 1980, its design was first laid large internal volume. Upgrade allows more correct to use these abilities by miniaturization and adjustment board systems on the basis of replacement electrical modules using frees up space for tank upgrade. Increased attention to countermeasures against improvised explosive devices. Survivability of the tank will be improved by increasing the armor protection. It is reported that programm M1A2SEPv2 modernization of tanks will be completed by 2020, which will allow to keep these war machines in the arsenal of the U.S. Army until 2050.

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