General practitioners’ offices in the Chelyabinsk region received cars

January 24 at Theater Square in Chelyabinsk solemn transfer of keys from 57 cars "Niva", purchased under the program to modernize health care for the offices of general practitioners in the Chelyabinsk region.

As explained in the provincial Ministry of Health, the program in the region opened 67 offices of general practitioners. Each of them is equipped with medical equipment and vehicles through the budget. So, for the field of 67 cars ordered exactly — the number of mini-clinics, some of which, incidentally, has already opened, and the rest will earn this year. The first party to the South Urals received 31 car that had just arrived another 26 vehicles. The remaining 10 cars will arrive in the near future.

-This is a precedent, because in so many cars in the local health comes first … This is to ensure that doctors were closer to the people. To measure the pressure to get a shot, check out the vision and so on, do not need to go to a major medical facility, especially in rural areas, do not have to huddle in the queues. Today, to a general practitioner with a nurse could also go to the homes of patients who purchased these machines.

The choice fell on the "Field" is not accidental. According to Health Minister Vitaly Teslenko Chelyabinsk region, in rural areas are important quality-terrain vehicles. On the "Cornfield" doctors to quickly and easily and will drive in the snow, and on wetlands and on time will provide the necessary assistance to the residents of the Southern Urals.

-Choice was between the production and the Volga Ulyanovsk plant — said Vitaly Teslenko. — UAZ strongly raised prices in 2011, and in the operation of their machines are more expensive. We have worked very closely with the "AvtoVAZ", so they lowered the price a bit. In the end, they went to meet us, probably in part because that Chelyabinsk region was one of the earliest customers in the framework of the modernization program. The price of each car was 318,000 rubles. Generally, upgrading vehicles for the medicine is extremely important, because these machines are operated almost around the clock and wear out quickly. New Cars — it literally saved lives, babies are born safely, in time to help.

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