General scheme of development of oil industry-2020: less is better!

Yesterday, purely by chance looked broadcast meetings on the oil industry, which spent VV Putin in Samara. Here are a few excerpts:
"… Oil pipeline monopoly" Transneft "on Thursday announced last welding seam on the linear part of the second phase of the BPS, the final completion of construction is expected in 2011. Construction of drainage ESPO China has already completed, the project will be fully completed in 2014 …"
"… Putin also said that he had signed a decree on the beginning of construction work on the pipeline Arctic-purpe that will help link the fields of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area and northern Krasnoyarsk region with a unified system of pipelines …"
"… But oil is necessary not only to produce and smuggle, but to be able to process … To stimulate the process of modernization in the oil refining, the Russian authorities have decided to deny the connection to the new main oil refinery processing depth of less than 70% …"

But the biggest impression I called two numbers — 8.6 trillion. RR plan to invest in the sector up to 2020 and 90% (!) Components for modernization and construction industry produced in Russia!
Is this not an objective sign of increasing the pace of modernization in Russia?

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