Generation of tenths … still leaves a Kalashnikov

"These are the parts or dragging from the factory —
as you begin to assemble the house,
still leaves a Kalashnikov. "

Bearded Russian anecdote.
Generation of "tenths" ... still leaves a Kalashnikov

Before starting patriot hysterical grumbling about the fallen nature of modern youth, I wish to direct your attention to the eighteen months ago the story of NTV.

Then, at the dawn of the incomprehensible "de-Stalinization" high school students to one of the capital's schools was asked to write an essay on Stalin. The results were shocking and for reporters and for my aunt, a teacher — to have veteran adjustment. The younger generation was completely "out of stream" — and laid out his opinion about the comrade. Stalin and his era in a more positive way than. In general, the scattered remains of the intelligentsia babble something about the weakness of Soup and vacation in Turkey.

Now, in principle. Listen closely argument, so to speak, the parties debated — and you make sure that they say they fundamentally on different languages. Well, in other words, in general, "your mine do not understand." And even more fundamental: to human language they say specifically students. Those who have already pre hurry to write off a "lost generation" — on the grounds that they are "wrong" dress up, "not" heed, packed phones and tusyat "VKontakte".

So, here. Specifically, these "non-spiritual" define their world view on a given topic substantially. They are very eager mention individually gr. Dzhugashvili IS and his desire for devouring toddlers or excellent the Creation of miracles. But in support of his own assessment of his activities lead achievements country — construction and opening victory and space (you will be amazed — these guys can, and are confused about the dates, but Gagarin intuitively correctly attributed specifically that era).

The voice-overs in reply tries to say something about "democracy" and "standard of living" (hopelessly slipping into iPhones and iPads). The teacher leads a killer, in its opinion, the counter-argument: in those days you could not go on vacation to Turkey. And the camera has been criticized in that, he says, is not enough to have pravdy fears about the bloody poo … in other words, the Stalinist regime.

Children of all this crap courteous heed, do not understand a damn — and again for her: factory, fights, dreams …

At that point we parted fathers and kids. Everyone at the: one — with the "freedom" and "Turkey", others — with admiration accomplishments Protz and surpass their dreams.

Where it comes from?

It would be very irresponsible to deploy from the 1st story-or how many important generalizations. After all, in each case peeped can find another example — peeped over the case, but the return on content. But to put forward some guesses — perhaps you can. Especially since the observations — even though, I repeat, not systematic, and not isolated.

First, I propose to direct attention to the trivial fact — so trivial that, ordinarily, "deeply hidden" in plain view. We somehow suddenly a whole generation of people who are not caught not only Russian-time, and the first post-Soviet. They were born after the disaster, and on the 90th they had a happy childhood — which by definition is a happy, since childhood. At the moment it's young adults — just "starsheshkolnoe" or "rannestudencheskoe."

Quite natural to see that this young adults has grown in the years just miserable "Putin's stability." It follows from this assumption (again the same — no claim to generalization) of a slightly different than that of their elders, respect for "freedom" and the attributes of "well-being".

For older it — merit, progress of democracy and the gifts of the invisible hand of the market. Senior to their own wheelbarrows, Internet, Turkey, etc. — what is called, Dorval after the Russian gaps and poverty 90.

For young people it all — natural and subtle details surrounding the prosaic landscape. IPhone — comfortable (and did so — a prestigious) a means of communication, rather than value. The car — a means of transportation, not value. Turkey and even Paris itself — a line in the flight schedule, not value. Hundreds of TV channels and millions of websites — the flow of info and entertainment, not value.

And that does not value — not sorry to exchange for something more valuable.

For example, to … What?

The trick is that the trained youth to adults in any other values except above mentioned, not systematically raised. And that all these values have prescribed a standard set of simple imperatives: to strive for personal success and well-being Nasri close to their own, do not be cattle and do not let dry out for yourself.

Did not stick.

Why? Yes, at least, say, because of rationality to which the children diligently priuchivali. Well, taught: and the fig push for that and so there? Irrationally.

Let's go back to writing. Location reverence before the stately generation favorites, from dreams? Whence St. George ribbons and war songs in a day of Victory? Why is not etched "scum"? Why single "We Are from the Future", "The Brest Fortress" and "Match" trampled countless "Burnt by the Sun"?

But let's imagine that kids are brought up and still in the family — in the primary, so to speak, a cell of society. And here we utknemsya not guessing, and persistent stats that minority obsessively try to substitute lie of the "Archipelago": In each family has a great-great-grandmother, who took Berlin, built Dnieper, they built the town, attacked space, raised bread, but historically "offended" — on the strength of one and a half per cent, of those who do not forgive wrongs his own country — and not much at all negligible.

Well, when and where such statistics and other impartial introductory take "generation of victims?"

Adolescence tends to dreams — this is normal.

Young adults dreaming about what he does not — that's okay too.

Our young adults naturally wants majestic achievements — worthy of the country in which it is grown.

And that's fine — as this kids terminally majestic country. With such a historical consciousness, with the genetic code, in which whatever grinds — still has been a thousand years is a Kalashnikov rifle.

This — our children. The best in the world, obviously.

PS All of the above does not mean that our kids the best in the world will cost haphazard education "by Fursenko." On the contrary — specifically our very best in the world of kids dictate the order for meaningful municipal cultural policy for meaningful chelovekostroenie. Note — they do dostyny.

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