German robot running on a core set of Uralvagonzavod

In the foundry number 4 parent company Scientific Production Corporation "Uralvagonzavod" put into operation a new core area. Its launch is the first stage in a large-scale modernization of the shop, which was later continued with the installation site and Mixture-forming line. 

Modern robotic core set of German firm "Laempe" will provide an estimated production volume of $ 25,000 car sets per year. Thanks to its launch, the process of making cores will be faster, more accurate and stable, which means that at times will increase plant productivity and improve product quality.

The complex includes five core machines. Among them are 50 core machines LFB, which can simultaneously provide the output of a large volume of 4 cores — up to 65 liters. In addition, two rods 25 LFB machine (volume rods 25 liters) and two — LL 10 (10 liters volume rods).

Also on site are three industrial robot company "Kuka" (Germany), which produce eat and move the rods with the first three cars. Previously, such actions are performed beam crane or manually. Now almost all operations at the site will be made automatically. Thus, the wound heavy monotonous work, the human factor is eliminated during production, reduced scrap rate.

Also on the site is set peripherals for staining rods, two ovens for drying painted rods firm "Reinhardt" and conveyor belts. The installation of the compressor plant and warehouse rod rigging. We are currently commissioning, and finally the new site will be ready for operation by the end of 2012.

The bulk of the rods will go to the detail of "axle box body", the volume of production which is about 47% of the overall performance of the plant. Monitor the work of the new equipment will be teams of operators, field engineers. As recognized by the operators, it is rather complicated: a lot of electronics, hydraulics. But the shop staff is well qualified and has received specialized training in Germany in the firm "Laempe". 

The following year, the shop will start installation of molding line and Mixture-site. For them, as for the core area, is already fully laid a new foundation.

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