Germany admits taxpayers’ money down the drain

Germany’s economy is often seen as an example of effective and responsible spending, while its neighbors are struggling to cope with the crisis. However, many German taxpayers do not agree with this statement. Recently, it was found out that most of the money spent on them rather dubious projects. About how much money is going into the largest and most stable economy in Europe, told RT correspondent Maria Finoshina.

According to the German organization for the protection of taxpayers’ rights, a number of dubious projects financed from the federal budget. German people are investing in the study of the educational role of the comic books and production purple carrots, and themselves sometimes do not even realize.

"The biggest problem that we have — it is a national duty. We only have to pay interest of 23 billion euros every year! The state must carefully manage the resources — and not wasting taxpayers’ money on some crazy projects ", — commented Rainer Holtsnagel, president of the Union of German taxpayers.

Bundestag love for cinema has cost the country at least € 10 million in the summer, the screen comes another film Tarzan, this time in 3D. And the lion’s share of the budget picture — public money. Drama "Cloud Atlas", which appeared on the screens at the end of last year, is also partially funded by federal funds.

It is curious that such a misuse of public funds was discovered at a time when Germany and Angela Merkel personally appeal to other European Powers to tighten their belts.

From the very beginning of the crisis Iron Chancellor visited one after the other needy countries, calling for the economy, and even to a certain asceticism. However, it seems that Germany itself is not subject to these calls.

Another project Bundestag associated with bicycles. The Germans — famous fans of this two-wheeled transport. Recently, the budget has been allocated 25 million euros for velokursy — they teach the theory and practice driving, learn how to accelerate, slow down, how to file and even hand signals — how not to use a mobile phone while driving. And these courses for immigrant women.

Stephen Meisner of the libertarian political movement in Germany says it is the government’s attitude toward their own people is criminal. "This is money that is taken away from ordinary taxpayers, they have deducted from your paycheck. People could the money to buy a better car or go on vacation, invest in real estate or in their own business, "- he explained in an interview with RT.

Germany — one of the few European countries that has long remained virtually untouched by the financial crisis. And to the leading economy of the region has been completely applicable phrase "What is allowed to Jupiter is not permitted to a bull." But even this economy in the last months of 2012 shattered. And the fact that before could get away for the innocent spending in these tough times can be a very dangerous habit.

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