Gestamp Severstal Vsevolojsk received the highest status supplier of components for Ford

Ltd. "Gestamp Severstal Vsevolojsk" joint project "Severstal" and Gestamp Automocion for production of metal components for the automotive industry, has received from the car manufacturer Ford the highest standard of product quality — Q1 (Quality 1).

Q1 supplier status means that the company complies with the requirements and standards that, Ford makes their suppliers around the world. This refers to the quality of products, streamlined logistics process, availability of cleaner production, compliance with international quality standards.

"The award of the status of Q1 proven high current level of our production, management and organization of production, — said Dmitry Gorshkov, Director of Marketing and Sales Division" Severstal Russian Steel ". — The automotive industry is one of the priorities of "Severstal": the share of rental companies in the consumption of the Russian car industry is about 30%. Certificate of Ford, which is one of the most important clients of "Severstal", not only about the quality of our metal components, but also the fact that we are willing to participate in the major automotive projects. "

Production of ‘Gestamp Severstal Vsevolojsk "already meets two international certifications: ISO / TS 16949 and ISO 14000. Companies certified under ISO / TS 16949, increase the reliability and the possibility of technological processes, prevent the loss of the entire supply chain. Management System ISO 14000 is aimed at reducing the negative impact on the environment through prevention of emergency situations.

In addition to "Gestamp Severstal Vsevolojsk" other businesses "Severstal" in Russia and the United States also are suppliers of high quality automotive steel. The key clients division "Severstal North America" in the automotive industry include Ford, General Motors, Chrysler and other major American, German, Japanese, and other international automakers are localized in North America.

In the past godumini-mill "Severstal Columbus" in Mississippi received the international quality certificate (ISO / TS 16949:2009) for the manufacture and supply of steel coils for the automotive industry. Integrated Plant "Dearborn" (Michigan) has long been known as one of the main suppliers of sheet steel for the automotive industry. The plant currently supplies steel for more than 86 different vehicles from trucks to the latest electric and hybrid cars.

In addition, "Severstal" continues to cooperate with the automakers, which are localized in Russian. Agreement for the supply of metal CherMK inked with HYUNDAI, VW, Peugeot, GM. Deliveries to the automobile "KAMAZ", as well as Minsk, Ulyanovsk, Belarus, Samarkand Automobile Factory.


* Stamping production of "Gestamp-Severstal-Vsevolojsk" — A joint project of "Severstal" with the company Gestamp Automocion for production of metal components for the automotive industry. In addition to the stamping process used at the plant is fully automated assembly of components using the latest technology.

The plant is operated robotic line stamping presses of 5, 12 Ford automated cells and assembly for rolling doors, hoods, trunks, as well as automated cell 5 GM to build the spars, sex enhancers. Performance press line is 2 million strikes per year. Clients are factory Ford (Ford Focus) and General Motors (Opel Astra, Chevrolet Cruze). In early 2012, the company plans to start work with Nissan. The staff of 220 people. 

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