Giant sinkhole in Kansas

August 3, 2013. Residents of a small community in western Kansas talk about the incident, and that they can not believe it. Something inexplicable happened and left people in awe. First, people County Wallace only heard rumors and not everyone believed them. However, once they were able to see the photo — were amazed.

"I think it looks like madness" — said one of the locals.

It seems so crazy that causes people to flock to a remote area north of Sharon Springs, to see with their own eyes what happened.

"How can this happen? What influenced this? About such matters specified witnesses of what happened, "- said one of the locals Virgil Fisher.

A few days ago, the earth opened and left a giant sinkhole in the middle of pastures Dalton Hess, he said.

"In fact, my brother found a failure. He called me and his voice was shaking, he said, "You'll never believe what I see."

The failure, which he saw was huge. Its length is about sixty meters, and the depth of twenty seven meters. People are amazed by the size of the hole, which was formed for the night.

"I've seen pictures and know that it is deep, but did not think that it is deep enough. When you are here you are looking at it from a very different point of view ", shared his impressions of one of the people who came to watch.

Safety of the surrounding area is questionable. Since in the vicinity of the failure is larger cracks. Local Sheriff Larry Townsend, said that they, like him seem to be getting more and more, but he does not know what to do to stop it.


Source: Rage Of Nature

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