Gift of the Day of the Navy

Corvette "savvy" in the Navy Day will be awarded the honorary title of "Guards"

Order of the Commander of the Navy from March 1, 2012 number 64 on the Day of the Navy corvette 20380 "savvy" of the Baltic Fleet (BF) will be awarded the honorary title of "Guards" and the crew will be awarded to a new Battle Banner ship — Naval Guards flag.

In addition, the same order in the list of the crew will be introduced in perpetuity Hero of the Soviet Union Seaman Hodyrev Valentin V., during the Great Patriotic War, who served on the destroyer "savvy" Black Sea Fleet. This was July 28, 2012 said Press Service Western Military District.

On the day of the Navy immediately after the naval parade on board the ship held the opening ceremony and the rise of the Guards Navy flag.

It will bring together representatives of the command of the Western Military Region, the Baltic Fleet Management of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, clergy and veterans’ organizations.

By tradition, the Guards title inherited from his predecessors in the Navy corvette — a large anti-ship Project 61 Black Sea Fleet, and before him — the legendary destroyer project 7U Black Sea fleet, which it was awarded the honorary title of March 1, 1943 during the Great Patriotic War.

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