Global investments in Kaluga farmklaster


 International cooperation and practical aspects of European companies investing in the Russian economy and the experience of innovation are key themes of the First European Investment Conference "Russia — 2012", held on 22-23 March 2012 in Kaluga and Moscow.

At the first day of the conference presented the most successful investment projects implemented in the territory of our country lead the global economy. In particular, a biopharmaceutical company, "AstraZeneca" told about the construction process of its production in the industrial park "Vorsino" in the Kaluga region. 


Reform of the Russian pharmaceutical industry — one of the highest priorities facing the state. The development strategy of "Pharma 2020" suggests a 2020 increase in the share of domestic production in the domestic market and 50% in value terms. No less significant changes need to touch and qualitative characteristics of Russian medicine: an increase in the share of innovative products in the portfolios of local producers will increase to 60% in terms of value. Obviously, these results can not be achieved without the organization of the modern pharmaceutical industry on the territory of our country

The Russian market is a priority for the company, "AstraZeneca", — said the director of the production "AstraZeneca Russia" Gennady Pyatsky. — To date, over 40 of our original products are registered and approved for use on the territory of the Russian Federation. In order to continue to improve the health and quality of life in Russia, as well as to increase the availability of innovative medicines for Russian patients, we began construction of its own pharmaceutical manufacturing complete cycle in Russia. His work will be based on the principles of "lean production» (LEAN production), and of course, our production will comply with international quality standards GMP ».

Selection of the Kaluga region as a place of localization of production was due primarily to the fact that this region is one of the leaders in the support and development of innovation. The Regional Administration and Innovation Development Agency provided the company "AstraZeneca" optimal conditions for effective business development, which, in combination with favorable geographical position, led to the decision on the location of production here.

I am glad that "AstraZeneca" came as an investor is in our region — said the governor of the Kaluga region Anatoly Artamonov. — It has been almost a year since, when the first stone was laid, and now the construction of a plant for the production of innovative medicines is in full swing. We fully assist the implementation of this project and look forward to his future success at Kaluga land. "

To date, successfully passed all approvals for the first phase of construction — said Gennady Pyatsky, who believes that "AstraZeneca" pleased with the pace of the project. — Received a positive opinion from the State examination, selected general contractor, who has already started work on the foundation, is in full swing metal fabrication factory building. In parallel, the second stage is the design, to be built at the end of 2014. "

The company‘s factory "AstraZeneca" will specialize in the manufacture of innovative products to treat cardiac, cancer, psychiatric, gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases. Implementation of the project for the construction is divided into three phases.
In the I-th phase is planned to produce up to 25 million units per year. The completion of this phase, and the first products scheduled for the second quarter of 2013.
In the II-nd phase of the planned construction of another factory building, which will provide a complete production cycle of drugs, as well as to expand the packaging capacity. It is planned that by the end of phase II, the company will employ about 145 people.
As part of the implementation of a Phase III-2019 is planned to bring the plant to full capacity and produce about 500 million tablets per year. The number of active employees expected to increase to 165 people.

The total investment of the company, "AstraZeneca" in the localization of production in Russia is about 170 million U.S. dollars. To date, successfully completed a zero cycle and begun installation of the main buildings and structures. In addition, "AstraZeneca" makes a major contribution to the development of human capital and is actively engaged in the training of qualified personnel to work on a production that will meet all international quality standards. 

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