Global trends in the consumer electronics market

Recent advances consumer electronics market were presented at the recent Las Vegas, the world’s largest exhibition Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Manufacturers demonstrated the latest version of the popular gadgets and futuristic concepts are a variety of electronic devices — from phones to sophisticated video and audio system.

The experts of NGOs RIC-Systems, a leading Russian systems integrator and manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, highlighted the main trends in the consumer electronics market in the next few years:

  1. The integration of different devices. Consumers not only have a tablet or just a phone: they need the capabilities of different devices, combined in a single device-hybrid.
  2. Maximum functionality. Now even a fridge and watches have internet connection, lose clips from YouTube, have a built-in camera and music player.
  3. The increase in productivity. Processors today’s smartphones and tablets allow them to process large amounts of information, including in 3D.
  4. New ways of communication. A notable phenomenon has become widespread support for LTE networks to mobile devices. Also on display were presented concepts of future technologies: for example, the transmission of information using the water contained in the human body.
  5. The spread of "smart" technologies. The devices are interactive, interacting with the user as well as with their environment: recognize faces and gestures, voice controlled, switched on or off depending on the weather, etc.   
  6. The quest for miniaturization. CES 2012 was a real triumph of ultrathin devices — the record for the most diminutive dimensions. Manufacturers have arranged the competition by offering more and more thin, lightweight and efficient gadgets.
  7. Design determines the success. Triumph of Apple, which first made a bid for the design, defined the mood and other market participants. One of the design trends of the exhibition — full transparency gadget that looks very stylish and impressive.      
  8. Reducing energy consumption and "green" technology. Manufacturers do follow the mood of consumers: today gadget choice, not least depend on how the apparatus economically and environmentally.

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