GLONASS — a national treasure and a symbol of high intellectual potential of Russia

Domestic satellite system GLONASS — Russia’s most recognized brand in the field of high technology. This opinion was expressed by the participants of the Second International Scientific and Technical Conference "navigation satellite systems, their role and importance in the life of modern man." The conference was dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the launch of the first satellite GLONASS.

The importance of creating domestic navigation satellite system stressed in his speech, Deputy Head of the Federal Space Agency Anatoly Shilov. He noted that the GLONASS — one of the world’s two navigation systems, which embodies the high intellectual potential of Russia and is a true national treasure.

According to the General Designer and General Director of JSC "Information Satellite Systems" Nicholas Testoedova, domestic satellite system supports the engine of development of new technologies in the field of economy and national security of our country. To date, GLONASS — is the most recognized brand of high-tech Russian, who became successful in the world.

"GLONASS not only embodies the advanced space technology, but is itself a source of innovation in the world — from emergency systems to intelligent" autopilot "for cars and ships, — says the general director of the RIC-Systems Alexei Kozhemyako. — Congratulations to the developers of domestic navigation system with a significant event and we wish the new breakthroughs and professional victories. "  

Work on the creation of GLONASS began in the USSR in the mid 60’s of the last century. Today in the system — 24 able-bodied companion, allowing you to continuously provide military and civilian navigation services to consumers across the globe. By the thirty-year anniversary of the composition of groups will be updated by the technologically more advanced vehicles. Complete modernization of the domestic system is scheduled for 2025.

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