GLONASS. Areas of application.

Olympic Games Transport Directorate signed a contract with JSC "Navigation Information Systems" (NIS GLONASS) to build a logistics center to monitor and manage the movement of cargo and passenger traffic in the city of Sochi.

As the press-service of JSC "Navigation Information Systems", a logistics center will enable real-time control of freight and passenger transport as in preparation for the Olympics, and in the course of their conduct. System testing will begin soon in preparation for the Olympics.

"Currently, ANO" TDOI "and" NIS GLONASS "is already active in the project. Run "pilot zone" for developing a system to develop uniform specifications for telematic carriers, navigation and communication equipment and transport companies operating in Sochi market ", — said in a statement.

In addition, the Russian navigation company will be developed with the help of a multimedia device, which you can pay the fines, vehicle tax, housing services, the Internet and cellular phones, as well as pay for the use of toll roads.

As previously reported, in August of this year, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said that from 2012 cars in Russia could be sold with built-in GLONASS. According to him, this complex will help to increase the level of safety on Russian roads. Vladimir Putin also said that in 2011, a list of vehicles, including high-speed rail and air transport, will be equipped with navigation systems is mandatory in accordance with the requirements of the new technical regulations.

Series production car "Lada Kalina" and "Lada Priora" Markets GLONASS receivers, will begin in the first quarter of 2011. Installation of navigational equipment will be on request.

Previously, general director of the federal network operator JSC "Navigation Information Systems" (NIS) Alexander Gurko said that the car "Lada Kalina" and "Lada Priora", complete with standard dual-system satellite car navigation GLONASS / GPS chipsets developed in Russia, will go on sale in the second half of 2011. It is expected that the value of the car with the navigation function will be approximately ten times lower than the same system GPS, installed on the cars of foreign manufacture.

In the process of developing a two-system chipsets for integration into avtonavigatory in Russia Two companies — "NAVIS" and "Geokom."

According to the press service of "AvtoVAZ", installation of car satellite navigation system GLONASS now worked out for both models produced "Kalina" and "Priora", and for a new family of "Lada" class "C". It is also known that the development of technical requirements and system configuration is done in close collaboration with the parent organization for the GLONASS system — Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Russian Research Institute of Space Instrument".

And in the Tomsk region with the navigation system will keep track of how local officials are using company cars.
To do this, all the machinery of budget institutions in the region will equip navigation systems. The assignment was made governor Viktor Kress, Tomsk. According to him, the cost of stopping the use of official vehicles for personal use, you can save budgetary funds. Equipping vehicles navigators treasury is expected to start from the car park of the regional administration.

In Tyumen also offer a record violations of traffic from space. The initiative of the Tyumen Regional Duma on the use of GLONASS to commit violations of traffic rules approved by the Advisory Board and adopted by the State Duma for consideration.

This was announced by the speaker of the Tyumen regional parliament Sergei Korepanov. According to him, the question is about the treatment of Tyumen deputies to the State Duma Speaker Boris Gryzlov, the possibility of using data to drive the GLONASS system of administrative cases for violation of traffic rules.

In addition, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs is going to supply GLONASS navigation on every patrol car.
Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev said that currently has 12,500 company cars are equipped with receivers, which allow to track the location, routes and speed patrols.

The massive use of GLONASS equipment in Russia will begin next year. Such a statement at a meeting with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin made a major shareholder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of AFK "Sistema" Vladimir Yevtushenko.

According to him, GLONASS can be used in many areas related to activities of daily living.

For example, is being developed intelligent transport system in Moscow, which will reduce traffic congestion, improve the transport situation in the city. In addition, the GLONASS system is connected over 20 thousand police cars. With the help of this equipment has already been disclosed nearly two crimes.

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