GLONASS friends with 1C

The company "GLONASS OMNICOMM» and a branch of the company "1C-Rarus" in St. Petersburg implemented a joint project for the integration of satellite-based monitoring and control of fleet fuel consumption Omnicomm in the program "1C: Enterprise 8" in the St. Petersburg Transportation Company "TEK-LOGISTICS".

A joint decision on the basis of "1C: Enterprise 8. Fleet Management Prof "was developed by companies Omnicomm and" 1C Rarus "in the fall of 2011. The purpose of the integration of the two systems — automation control systems using data transport, the exclusion process manual transfer of information and bringing accountability to a single species, which is determined by the habitual use of accounting systems.

Implementation of solutions in the infrastructure of "Energy-LOGISTICS" occurred in two phases, the first of which system integrators working in parallel. The company "GLONASS Omnicomm» equips allocated for pilot vehicle tracking system, and the St. Petersburg branch of "1C-Rarus" launched on the basis of the client program "1C: Enterprise 8" configuration "Fleet Management Professional." At the second stage, experts from both companies have set up cooperation between the two software products, and tested data. Now the joint solution is used by 4 main truck company. In the short term, such a scheme is planned to bring the work of the entire fleet, "Energy-Logistics."

In the transport company noted that after the implementation of integrated solutions greatly improved the efficiency of the staff involved in accounting and logistics. This happened thanks to the elimination of the workflow of mechanical operations at risk of random error, as the introduction of data from the monitoring system in the transport system of accounting and reconciliation of information in the financial statements of both systems. Of course, in addition to this monitoring system performs its basic tasks of control of the vehicle. "In just 3 months of using the system Omnicomm spending on fuel fell by 25%, and equipment downtime decreased by 10%", — said General Director of "Energy-LOGISTICS" Shadelko Gennady.








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