Glonass satellite was put into operation after maintenance

  • Satellite "Glonass" entered in the "system" after maintenance
  • Satellite "Glonass" entered in the "system" after maintenance

One of the satellites of the GLONASS system, temporarily routed to the maintenance on Monday for scheduled maintenance, re-introduced into the orbital group, said in a statement on the website of the Russian System for Differential Correction and Monitoring (SDCM).
"Spacecraft number 725 is entered into the system GLONASS," — said in a statement.
The satellite had already been removed from the system GLONASS Sunday, July 21, to carry out the work, but on the same day was re-introduced in the constellation. Now it is again withdrawn from the system for the same reason. The satellite number 725 was launched 25 September 2008 and entered into the constellation GLONASS 5 November of the same year.

Thus, the orbital group of the GLONASS system is now once again has 24 active satellites that provides 100% coverage of the Earth’s navigation signal.

Currently, only a part of the GLONASS constellation are 29 satellites, of which 24 satellites are used for their intended purpose — one to maintenance, three satellites are in orbit, and one reserve — at the stage of flight tests.

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