GLONASS solutions improve the efficiency of power plants by 20%


Efficiency of the repair crews in accidents at electric power is of paramount importance, especially in terms of their extensive and complex architecture. Scheduling and monitoring the movement of operational teams with GLONASS technology enables several times to speed up the process by increasing the efficiency of traffic management and reducing the cost of maintaining a fleet average of 20%. These results were obtained on the basis of transport equipment GLONASS equipment operational dispatching crews MUPP "Volgograd interregional power." The project is implemented by the regional partner of the holding "M2M Telematics"- The company"Viskort. "

In Volgograd, with its length of over 110 km, it is extremely important to organize the formulation of operational tasks to the maintenance crews and orient them on a shorter route to bypass all the traffic jams. The set of vehicle repair crews constantly cruising around the city in different directions 24 hours a day: to eliminate the accident occurred, emergency, repair substations, coming back from repairs, performing routine maintenance, and energy facilities, etc. Prior to the project-based solutions, GLONASS dispatchers have to call to the operational teams to determine their whereabouts to control and formulation of new problems that most directly affected the timeliness of their arrival to the place of incident at a power plant or that.

The project to equip vehicles MUPP "Volgograd interregional power" navigation and communication equipment GLONASS began in 2010. To date, equipped with a 90% duty transport company. The project also prepared cartographic base with a scale of 1:500 with the application of transformer substations with numbers for easy and rapid monitoring and response to incidents. For dispatching of all vehicles created a two-tier system of operational control, which includes a control room for each of the eight districts of Volgograd, and also point to the central office to the function of the overall quality control of the work.

"The decision to implement a monitoring and traffic management based on GLONASS was our initiative, and we were not mistaken. Today the manager of each item in real time see where the nearest to the accident he controls the vehicle. We serve the entire city — the speed of our response has increased in times! Also important is the economic effect — driving efficiency increased, and the cost of maintaining our fleet decreased. There was also the possibility of drawing up a detailed report on how, when, and where there was a car. It will improve the discipline of drivers, their compliance regime of work and rest. Completely ruled out the unauthorized use of vehicles. First, of course, the staff had a lot of questions, but then used"- Said the head of security MUPP" Volgograd inter-regional power "Boris G. EVSIKOV.

According to the results obtained in MUPP "Volgograd interregional power" such a system for monitoring and managing special equipment is being created in the MUP "Volga interregional municipal power" of the Volga. 

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