GLONASS solutions M2M telematics system has one of the largest holdings in the world of chemistry

05.12.2012 GLONASS solutions group of companies "M2M telematics" embedded in the business processes of one of the largest holdings in the biochemical world — JSC "Trading House" Orgkhim. " Established display and information system allows the company to control the flow of toxic materials into the multi-ton containers in real time, thus providing, safety and effectiveness of their processes. Technology partner for the project was a regional partner "M2M telematics" in Nizhny Novgorod — the company "Santel Navigation NN".

Due to navigational and communication equipment dispatching service of JSC "Trading House" Orgkhim "can not only track the location of containers of hazardous chemicals, liquids, but also as accurately take into account the consumption of raw materials, which ultimately leads to the optimization of logistic processes of the enterprise.

"As a result of this pilot project is planned to equip navigation and communication equipment of large-sized containers of chemical raw materials in all branches of the holding, located around the world. Thus created a single display and information system will track the business processes of JSC "Trading House" Orgkhim "anywhere in the world" — says the director of "Santel Navigation NN" Konstantin Kharitonov.

The introduction of navigation and information system allowed JSC "Trading House" Orgkhim "significantly reduce the consumption of raw materials, increase production capacity and to completely eliminate downtime in production.


JSC "Trading House" Orgkhim ":

— Leader of Russian wood-chemical market with annual sales of more than 4 billion;

— The main producer of emulsifiers, initiators of the polymerization reaction, and antioxidants to Russian enterprise-producers of synthetic rubber;

— Only Russia and the world‘s second largest technology developer and manufacturer of safe petrochemical oils, fillers for rubber and rubber compounds for tires;

— The largest manufacturer of resins based on rosin, pine for the tire industry of the Russian Federation;

— Russia’s leading manufacturer of pine oil and alpha-terpineol;

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