GMR Group has launched a new foundry

The plant "Nasosenergomash" (Sumy, Ukraine), included in HMS Group, was put into operation a new foundry capacity to 4 million tons of casting per year. This project is part of an ambitious program of modernization of production capacity of the enterprise. The maximum weight of a cast steel, manufactured in the new shop, make 2 tons, cast iron — 3 tons.

The new workshop production line installed Omega (UK) with a screw continuous mixer Spartan, which will allow to mechanize the process of making molds. In the melting shop unit is mounted induction unit EGES (Turkey) for the smelting of cast iron and steel smelting at the same time with the possibility of 4 tons of metal.

As part of the upgrade in November 2011 at the JSC "Sumy plant" Nasosenergomash "was put into operation one of Europe’s most powerful test systems for full-scale testingpumping equipmentMain drive with a capacity of 14 MW.

Public corporation"HMS"— One of the undoubted leaders in the consolidation engineering Russia, as well as Belarus and Ukraine. In a very short period, the company took the lead in organizing more than 10 production bases, which are specialized in the production of block-complete equipment used in the oil and gas industry, pumping equipment. In addition to the composition of "HMS Group" consists of two companies responsible for the installation and construction.

In the Russia of "HMS Group" — a leading manufacturer of pumping equipment used in power generation, oil and gas mining, water resources and utilities sectors. In addition, it is a constant and reliable supplier of packaged equipment for the oil and gas industry, as well as a strong base of engineering, construction and installation capabilities in the same industry.

The largest oil producers, the base power generation, as well as production of other economic sectors of the Russian market — all customers of enterprises "HMS Group".

OJSC "HMS Group" is not a monopoly, but achieves the high demand on its own. The competitors of the company are the Russian industrial and investment groups as industrial group "Generation" Company "RIMERA" and Group "Integra", as well as private equity funds, the Western strategic investment centers and private investors.

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