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At the summit of the BRICSSouth African security guardsstaged a fight with our pitching. They even wanted to knock about with Foreign Minister Lavrov, but was stopped in time. So the summit is being held fun, with a twinkle. I speak as a witness, because I am in Johannesburg. Here the envy of Moscow 25. I was sent here to take pictures of an important event — in South Africa has opened a service center for repair of Russian helicopters.

Holding "Helicopters of Russia" is acorporation Rostekhnadzor. Your service center he opened in Johannesburg with South African company Denel Aviation. As I have explained, this is an important achievement: the Soviet Union was against apartheid, so it is not that economical, but generally diplomatic contacts between the two countries were established only in 1992.

Mi-8/17 — the most popular Russian helicopter in the history of the industry. Only on the continent, "spelled" about 600 Russian vehicles, and a large part of their population are cars that this series:

Search-and-rescue helicopter Ka-32 is also in high demand in African countries:

600 helicopters — that’s a pretty decent park, requiring constant attention and care. Somewhere it is necessary to replace worn-out piece, something — just twist and repaired. This also will engage in Johannesburg. "Helicopters of Russia" provided equipment and documentation, and conducted unauthorized.

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By the way, Denel Aviation experts were trained in Novosibirsk at the local aircraft plant. Russia probably surprised them as much as me South Africa. Our country — natural antipodes.



Russia is not limited to Africa, of course. Rostekhnadzor Corporation plans to launch into the international market models such as the Ka-62, Mi-171A2, Mi-38, "ANSAT." Without the normal system of after-sales services do not work.

In Rostekhnadzor say the service centers solve several problems at once. Besides the fact that this is a good way to gain a foothold in the local market here to stay, and to expand demand, but they also help to deal with the urgent problems of counterfeit parts. After all, here you and record production, and quality certifications, and ultimately guarantee of safety.

In Johannesburg later build even larger, the regional center, which will provide after-sales and service all models of our helicopters Saharan Africa.

Event in South Africa — part of the plan Rostekhnadzor to create a global system of service helicopters, which are popular not only in Africa but also in Latin America and Asia.

Soon this screw will find its rightful place:

I want to keep an eye open service center in Latin America, and during the carnival! ;)

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