GOALcity system from the company SpecLab: statistics become more refined

SpecLab company is focused on safety, but the possibility of its surveillance systems go far beyond that sphere. "Intelligent Video" study all the movements that make the objects in front of the cameras. Video analysis and event-driven logic can fill a wide range of database information, and algorithms such as detection of persons or determinant of car numbers, easy to formalize this information, binding to specific people or cars. In this study all: the nature, size, geometry, frequency, speed and direction, as well as a variety of specialized functions.

The system uses GOALcity-hour videostatistiku in the interest of conservation, pointing at people or cars that behave inappropriately — strongly deviating from the average character. It is used on the roads and to identify the perpetrators and against pedestrians. GOALcity immediately captures the non-standard angle, increased speed, increased or decreased activity, crossing rarely detected zones and so on.

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Extreme emotions cause people to make custom movement. Exact software video detectors easily fix the abnormal statistics, letting occasional short messages about identified hazards.

Through this approach, the guard is no need to constantly look at CCTV monitors, losing vigilance and unable to move. Moreover, the developers of the system GOALcity provided input for digital TV to entertain the operator during operation. Thus, the probability that a person will react to a dangerous event, if in the middle of football on his screen appears telling or writing with surveillance cameras.

But GOALcity has a more versatile system statistics, which is displayed in real-time or historical data. In each panel, you can set the video analysis template parameters required for accounting. For example, the number of detected persons passed through the entrance to the building.

Or the number of cars driving along the road. Of course, possible to build composite algorithms, for example, the number of objects crossing the front boundary of the object in the direction of the object, but only those who before that ran parallel to this boundary.

You can map the activity, for example, places where traffic density is greatest can be colored in red, medium — yellow, poor — in green, no — not painted. There are many types of cards, and they can be changed by long-term statistics.


Card activity can be adjusted more finely, for example, only the person or car numbers. In trading, this card allows you to analyze demand, for example, what goods shelves are taken more frequently than others.

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You can also carry out an analysis of the thermal radiation by using a thermal imager.

In the reports of falls and statistics to monitor the environment for which it is possible to analyze the changes in temperature, pressure, humidity, air quality and even radiation. GOALcity allows you to synchronize the sensors with a record of certain individuals and to ascertain the dose of radiation received.

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A rich selection of statistics and provides a log which is written information about all triggered algorithms, parameters detection in each frame, the operation of the various sensors and devices. Unloading of the data is carried out in obschepolzovatelsky format from Microsoft, which can be used in programs such analysis of statistics as Excel and so on.

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