Goddess of Victory restored back to its rightful place — the Arc de Triomphe

So on Thursday night began assembling restored sculptures — "Goddess of Victory" and chariots, which are returned to the historic site on the Arc de Triomphe. First crane slowly lifted to a height of over 20 meters cast iron chariot, and after midnight the sky soared winged goddess of victory. It was a sight! The sculpture weighs 4 tons, and with chariots, but without the horses (they are restored on-site) — about 20 tons. Now, the whole composition is crowned by the Arc de Triomphe again on Kutuzov Avenue.

As told at the briefing Kibovsky (Head of the Department of Cultural Heritage Alexander Kibovsky), to restore the sculptures, the masters took 76 days. They were dismantled in March, when it became obvious that in place it can be done. Established in 1936, the unique cast iron figures — one of the first works of art castings in Europe — were in disrepair. Since 1968, when the arch "moved" on Kutuzov Avenue, restoration was to ensure that all the damage from corrosion treated kuzbasslakom — 8 layers removed specialists. Wheels damaged due to the ingress of water into the cracks. And, for example, one of the six horses, entirely torn out side. Before restorers had a task — to achieve reliability sculptures for many years, as much of the original.

Directly on the Arc de Triomphe in the works are carried out mostly at night, as she stands on the track of the regime. Her recovery involved a total of about 200 restorers from all over Russia. Has been cleared of paint, rust, layers over 2 thousand square meters. meters surface. Stonecutters was restored around 7000 decoration. During the recovery process — metal sculptures, which are not dismantled — "Courage", "Hardness", "Warriors", high reliefs, medallions and other items. According Kibovsky, the total cost of all the work — more than 232 million rubles. Promised that the estimates do not come out.

During the restoration done a lot of interesting findings. For example, open the stigma cast-iron foundry — manufacturer of the sculpture. But a more recent find — a bottle with a note from the last team of builders arches, dated October 18, 1968. Chapter Mosgornaslediya showed a piece by hand and read out the text of reporters. Today’s restorers who give a guarantee for 15 years, also decided to leave the message to their successors.

Despite the short period of time (to the restoration began in February of this year), scheduled to be completed by July, all the major work. "We go into the schedule," — said Kibovsky. And the official opening of the Arc de Triomphe is scheduled for September 8 — the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Borodino. 

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