Golitsynsky Bus Plant (Moscow region). Carries the Olympic Order

Transport Directorate of the Olympic Games visited Golitsynsky Bus Plant "GAZ Group". Golitsynsky Bus Plant (GolAZ) "GAZ Group" delegation visited the "Transport Directorate of the Olympic Games." The purpose of the visit — to familiarize with the production area of the enterprise and its model range in the execution of a contract to supply 709 buses to transport GOLAZ ensure the Olympic Games in Sochi.

  • The Director-General of the Transport Directorate Andrei Zhukov praised the quality of the Olympic coaches GOLAZ.

Under existing contracts Golitsynsky bus factory produce for Olympic transport 709 buses: 282 large buses GOLAZ-5251 "Voyage" (including 150 cars in a special version for passengers with reduced mobility and wheelchair users), 370 buses extra large class GOLAZ-6228 (including 77 cars in special version), 57 coaches GOLAZ- 52911 "Cruise". Beauty GOLAZ-5251 "Voyage" is designed for 60 people (including 53 seats), GOLAZ-6228 — 95 people (including 63 seats), GOLAZ-52911 "Cruise" — for 45 people .


Buses models GOLAZ-5251 "Voyage" and GOLAZ-5291 "Cruise", which will be used at the Olympic Games were held from February to July 2012 field tests in Russia and Sweden, as well as performance tests on the Olympic trails in Sochi. The test results provided the basis for the definition of consumer characteristics Olympic passenger transport, development and formation routes to the Games. The main focus during the test operation was aimed at the safety of passengers and their level of comfort. In order to ensure the safety of all buses are equipped with two-point seat belts, and free-standing seats — three point. In addition to the external recorder, in the salons of buses have four cameras, as well as "panic buttons" in the driver’s cab. For the comfort of guests Olympics buses are equipped with climate control and individual lighting controls and temperature, and comfortable ergonomic chairs.

The manufacturing and assembly of buses GOLAZ were considered especially winter operation. "GAZ Group" together with "Scania — Russia" in Sochi will organize three stationary service centers and six mobile teams of maintenance of rolling stock GOLAZ buses.

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