Good ecology — a valuable fish!

Due to the improvement of water quality as a result of ongoing environmental activities in the main waterway of Kuzbass — Tom, as well as its tributaries return valuable species of fish. 

One of the desired target species for fishermen Kuzbass was recently trout. Fish are very sensitive to water quality, are increasingly moving to the north of the region — it is found in Tom is up to the borders of the Kemerovo region in Tomsk.

During the research trout fishing, specialists fell individuals under the age of eight, ranging in length from 35 to 97 inches and weighing up to eight pounds.

In the last year of this valuable fish in the Kuzbass were caught almost 1.7 tons, mostly — in the license areas of recreational and sport fisheries, organized by Tom, Upper, Lower and Middle Tersi. In this case, the catch quota set by Rosrybolovstvo (2 tons) in the region is not closed. And scientists give expert opinions favorable to further the maintenance of stocks trout in the waters of the Kuzbass.

Among other valuable species found today in the Tom sturgeon, whitefish, peled (comes to Kemerovo), sturgeon, grayling.

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