Goodbye’s on our achievements — hello’s pozhelalkah?

And who once tried to dirty this site with mud on our country — did not work!
However, some little people have found a way to destroy the media is the most primitive way. They decided to make it a "yellow." Well known in his day …

Recipe — simple:
1. You are registered on the site with what some are proud of Nick, well, for instance — HERO OF RUSSIA, or RUSSIAN PATRIOT or guardsman well, or there VETERAN! Well, or even what some word that speaks for itself, such as — I LOVE TO HOMELAND, but you’re all I see who are against my statements … In short — call yourself a patriot and shouting all garbage. Just be sure to loudly and always garbage.
2. Place ANY material which refers to "the greatness of our EXPENSIVE AND PREDOROGOY only beloved native land, and we are in it to produce not unparalleled in the world (the phrase is obligatory) … well, let bottle cleaning brushes.
3. More importantly the article write that and the Americans — all older and worse!
4. MOST IMPORTANT: AND IF THIS THOUGH WHO DOES NOT AGREE TO GRAM, it (well, there are optional) liberasty, BELOLENTOCHNIK etc. ..

And vseee, was over serious information portal collecting positive Old bottom of the barrel headings. Started yellow and primitive srach jerks who do not see life, and other crazy — in short HELLO FORUM MAYL.RU!
And sorry, it started beautifully … But again, we have merged …. We ourselves. Own stupidity. And nothing to do with Jews. A pity …

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