Gorky Automobile Plant was 80 years old

In January 2012, the 80th anniversary of the founding of the Gorky Automobile Plant — the largest enterprises of the Russian automotive industry occupying a leading position in the domestic market of commercial vehicles. The car factory was built in 18 months, came into operation January 1, 1932, and on January 29 with the first truck rolled off the line — "lorry" GAZ-AA. Gorky Automobile — a traditional supplier of best-in-class light commercial vehicles and medium trucks for the various sectors of the economy, components for automotive.

In 2012, the Gorky Automobile said the 80-year anniversary: January 1, 1932 the factory whistle sounded, heralding the birth of the first Soviet car factory. The fate of the enterprise was the history of our country: the plant has given the country millions of cars available, equipped the agriculture powerful trucks, provided the army special military equipment, tanks and armored personnel carriers. In October 2011, came off the assembly line of GAZ 18 millionth car, and since the founding of the company has produced more than 150 models and modifications of cars and trucks.

By GAZ can trace the history of formation and development of the domestic automotive industry. Many of them represent the entire epoch in the life of the state and enjoy a well-deserved love of our fellow citizens. Among the most famous models of the Gorky Automobile Plant — the legendary "emka" and "lorry" GAZ-AA, the famous truck GAZ-66 and GAZ-52 and GAZ-53 cars "Victory", "Volga" and "The Seagull." The symbol of the democratic changes of the 1960s was the "Volga" GAZ-21. In the 90 years of the lorry "Gazelle" has played a huge role in the development of market economy, saved the country from traffic congestion, and small and medium businesses helped to survive and gave impetus to the development of entrepreneurship.

It is difficult to overestimate the role of the Gorky Automobile Plant in the development of other enterprises in the industry. The accumulated experience of our specialists passed on to their colleagues from the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant, the Volga Automobile Plant, the Kama complex of factories for the production of trucks and other GAZ was the training ground for engineers and workers, machine-building enterprises of the Soviet Union. Plant rightly bears the title of golden incubator for industry. It is at the Gorky Automobile Plant has formed the Soviet school of automotive engineering: GAS in a short time mastered the full technological cycle of production of cars and formed a base to train highly qualified personnel.

During the Great Patriotic War, the auto giant has played an important role in achieving victory over the enemy. In a short time the company switched to the mass production of military equipment — tanks, armored vehicles, self-propelled guns and ammunition. Avtozavodskoye tanks T-60, took part in the famous parade Nov. 7, 1941 on Red Square, is one of the symbols of victory for Moscow. Many factory workers and engineers, who fought at the front, gave their lives to defend their homeland. The company team for their dedicated work during the war, won three awards — Lenin, Red Banner, World War I level. Thousands avtozavodtsev were awarded orders and medals, the plant was awarded to 33 times the banner of the National Defense.

In the postwar period the plant began to produce new models of trucks and passenger cars, the development of which did not stop, and during the war. This technique has been involved in the reconstruction of the destroyed during the war, businesses, picked up virgin land, construction of Baikonur and BAM. Hardly there are Soviet cars that could compete in popularity among the people with the "victory" and "Volga". Gorky Automobile Plant Products exported to dozens of countries, cars can be found in all corners of the world. Where other cars "rented" remained one hope — on cars GAZ. At the same time car factory remained a major center for the production of military products: military equipment companies allow adequately defend national interests of the country in different parts of the globe.

In 1994 the plant started producing light trucks "Gazelle", which allowed a difficult period of transition not only to keep the staff and production capacity of the plant itself, but also to give a new impetus to the economy of the country. Since 2003, GAZ first in the country to introduce a system of "lean production", which has improved the productivity of the company quadrupled.

In 2005, formed the basis of the Gorky Automobile Plant "GAZ Group" — the largest automotive holding, uniting 18 companies in ten regions of Russia. "GAZ Group" is the market leader in commercial vehicles in Russia, occupying about 50% in the segment of light commercial vehicles, 45% in the segment of heavy trucks, 70% in the segment of buses and being a leader in the domestic automotive market.

GAS and today holds a special place in the domestic automotive industry, having made over the past two years, a quantum leap in updating the model range, which opened the company to a bright future. The plant maintains its lead in the market of commercial vehicles, produces trucks, buses, special vehicles. The company is implementing investment projects on contract assembly of cars in cooperation with foreign partners: companies Volkswagen, General Motors and Daimler.

In 2009-2010. the company developed and released the car "Gazelle BUSINESS", received more than 120 design changes and won wide popularity among Russian consumers. At the same time, the gas expands the number of consumers of component products to more than 200 companies from various industries, including the aviation industry and railway construction. GAS has developed an effective strategy for the production of automotive components, and brought the procurement business to the next level of development.

Next page in the development of the company will open a new generation of light commercial vehicles "Gazelle-Next», developed using unique prototyping technologies, which have no analogue in the domestic automobile industry. Pilot batch of the new development of gas will be released in 2012 for the test operation of the consumers.

Today Gorky automobile plant — an industry symbol of Russia, 80 years of success. Carefully preserving the accumulated traditions, GAS is confident in the future, Russian continues to produce cars that are in demand all over the country, and expanding into new areas of business component. The success of the plant is its highly professional team work: throughout the existence of a gas core value of the company are its people — the creators of history.

Past, present and future of GAZ — it is a huge work of engineers, designers, workers, managers, this constant striving to keep up with the times. Avtozavodtsev ready for new cases of non-standard solutions, the creation of modern technology. Without exaggeration, we can say: history of GAZ — a hi
story of the whole country.

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