Gormash designed the new mobile units MSZ-VU

Specialists ICE "Special Vehicles" ZAO "Gormash" in 2011 designed and built mobile units MSZ-BY-based all-terrain chassis Ural designed for:

-separate transportation of non-explosive materials (ammonium nitrate and diesel fuel) to the blasting sites;

-manufacture of basic explosives mixtures AN-FO (AC-DT);

-charging them well.

 Mobile units MSZ-BY-E has similar characteristics, but may also perform additional functions in the input portion of the energy supplementation, which allows to obtain a complex composition explosive mixtures, besides more energy intensive. This machine is virtually replaces factory simple explosives, but does not require additional authorization procedure, which is especially important for companies with small amounts of explosives.

In machines of this series are dosed mixing of the components of explosives. Product mix, the dosage and the charging process is set in automatic mode, the electron-hydraulic control system «SIEMENS».

Charging wells BB produced by a longitudinal horizontal discharge conveyor with a 270 degrees angle which allows a single point to charge wells to 9 depending on the grid. The possibility of charging such wells from one point in some circumstances significantly reduce the time and costs for the preparation of blocks. The possibility of vertical movement of the longitudinal conveyor, which have the machines of this series makes it easier aiming, in general, reduces the movement of the SPM on explosives unit and charging the wells.


   The machine used in open pit mines in blasting the mining of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and other minerals (vnutrikarernoe use), as well as in hydraulic and industrial construction.

   The first samples of mix-pump machines of this series have successfully passed the first stage of testing in the Magadan region. Closing tests and admission to the permanent use is expected at the end of 2012 (seasonally tests).

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