Gorno-stripping complex Stoilensky (PHOTOS)

Author of the report — Dmitry Chistoprudov

No matter how many times I’ve been down in Stoilensky section, always with pleasure, "I stop for a visit" to the beloved giant KU-800 admire its majesty and grandeur. And after all this rotary machine of — just part of a large and complex system of mining overburden complex. In addition to the KU-800, it includes conveyor systems, transfer units and spreader. The task of the excavator — to remove loose sediment on the hard rocks of the deposit. Next chalk or clay, cut rotary wheel, piped. About twenty minutes breed moves on a rubber band, passing over this time way more than seven kilometers from one end of the section to the other, until it is ejected spreader. Spreader — Mahina, comparable in size to the bucket-wheel excavator.

Two years ago I did a report about KU-800, and today I will show new and interesting photos and tell you about all mining overburden complex (HVA) Stoilensky.


Stoilensky Mining (SGOK)— One of the leading Russian companies in terms of production of raw materials for the steel industry. Formed in 1961 in the town of Stary Oskol. Develops Stoilensk field MRA. The field is located in the central part of the north-eastern strip of the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly. The main products of the plant — iron ore and iron ore sintering. Approved reserves in the pit boundary are: high grade iron ore — 26.6 million tons, ferruginous quartzite — 1.4 billion tons.

Shareholder is Stoilensky OJSC "NLMK".

Stoilensky quarry is located near the town of Stary Oskol. Today SGOK pit depth reaches 370 meters Loose rocks are processed cyclic excavators and rotor complex. Rock stripping, high grade ore and ferruginous quartzite quarried cyclic excavators with preliminary loosening blasting. Transportation of rock from the quarry by road, rail and conveyor belts.

In terms of production of commodity ore Stoilensky is one of the leading producers of iron ore: it accounts for over 15% of commodity iron ore in Russia.


1. Each of the nodes GVK is worthy, but still rotary excavator — its main attraction. The height of the excavator 54 meters, weight — 3000 350 tons. This compares with a weight of 100 subway cars. From this amount of metal could be made 70 T-90 tanks.

Enlarge image

2. Excavator is based on the turntable and moves with the help of "ski", which are driven by hydraulic cylinders.

3. To operate the excavator to pull in 35,000 volts.

4. Mechanic Ivan Tolmachev of those people who participated in the start-up KU-800. Over 40 years ago, in 1972, immediately after Gubkin mining technical, Ivan Dmitrievich was assistant engineer bucket wheel excavator. That’s really when I had to run around a young professional ladder galleries! The fact that the electrical part of the excavator was far from perfect, so many hundreds of steps had to be overcome, until you find the cause of failure of a node. Plus, the documents translated from Czech incomplete. In order to understand the scheme over the papers had to sit out at night, because in the morning you had to figure out how to fix this or that problem.

5. The secret of longevity KU-800 in its special mode of operation. The fact is that, except for scheduled repairs in the working season, winter is on the full range of overhaul and perform surgery conveyor lines. Three months GVK prepare for the new season. During this time, time to tidy up all the components. For example, last winter changed the ball joint, which rotates the rotatable portion excavator. Can you imagine a bearing, in which each of the two hundred and fifty "balls" weighs 58 pounds?

6. On his excavator Alex Martianov, the foreman tells drivers GVK with love as an animate object. He says that this has nothing to be ashamed: each of his crew also refers to his car. Moreover, as a living begin to respond and experts of the Czech factory, supervising major repairs excavator.

7. Breed KU-800 cuts the ten buckets attached to a rotary wheel. Wheel diameter — 11 meters, and it rotates at a speed of 7 rpm. The operator’s cab is hanging next to the bucket wheel at an altitude of 20 meters.

8. Alexei Martianov in the cabin with views of the rotor excavators. Impressive three-storey rotating wheel. Generally from traveling through the galleries of KU-800 is breathtaking.
— You have these experiences, perhaps, is a little dim?
— Yes, there is, of course. Indeed, since 1971, been working here.
— So after all those years of the excavator has not yet been?
— There was a platform on which it only began to mount. He walked here nodes, about three years collecting his head installers Czechs.
— In those days it was unheard technique?
— Yes, it is the fourth car, coming off the assembly line of the Czechoslovak manufacturer. Newsboys us then downright attacked. Even in the journal "Science and Life" about our excavator wrote.

9. — Could you then suggest that in 30 years will still work on it?
— It’s hard to say. But in fact, this is a very smart machine. In the sense that it has a good defense, a good automation, good handling. It does not allow you to zalihachil, protection will immediately and stop the engine.

10. — How can scorcher here, it’s not a "passenger car", shall we say?
— Do not "passenger car", but cornering is important not to "ruin" the rotor, if you enter deep into the stope. Of the ten positions have to pick one — right: rotate, lift, rotary extension arm …

11. — How do you operate? Are there any secrets? Here comes, for example, the new man in how many months it will be possible to put here in this chair?
— It’s not months, it is years. Learning to work in the cockpit, crashing, walk — this one, and the car feel — quite another. Because the distance from me to the driver loading boom of 170 meters, and we have good to hear and see each other. I do not know what is probably his back feel. There is, of course, and a speakerphone. I hear all five drivers. And I hear them. You also need to know the wiring, the device of this enormous machine. Who mastered quickly, and who only ten years become a machinist.


13. Narrow iron ladder in places with mobile stages span the excavator as forest paths. The endless river of wires run through the length and breadth excavator.

14. The design of KU-800 and now wonder of engineering solutions. First, the optimal calculation of the bearing assemblies and components. Suffice to say, excavators, similar in performance Czech KU-800, have a much larger size and weight, they are one and a half times heavier.

15. Only at the top of the excavator, forty feet above the ground, you feel its true dimensions. It seems that in ladder galleries you can get lost, and after all these intricacies of metal and cable communications is still working and the engine rooms, a lounge with electrical equipment, switchgear bays hydraulic units pacing, turning, lifting devices and reach a rotary boom cranes, conveyors.

16. With all the metal and energy excavator in its crew only 6 people.

17. Hanging halls electrical switchgear and counterbalance the boom.

— Of course, I understand that this is a walking excavator. But still I can not imagine how such a "large object" can actually walk?
— It goes very well, well unfolds. Step two and a half meters in just fifteen minutes. Here at hand, control steps: skiing, base, stop, turn the excavator. A week later, we are getting ready to change the place of deployment, go in the opposite direction to where the pipeline is built.

18. At KU-800 has several cranes 35 ton on the boom, two mounting on trucks 15 tons and two Jib crane.

19. Chalk and clay is piped to the spreader.

20. Driver loading boom.

21. With the loading boom rock out on a 7-kilometer pipeline to the other side of the cut.

22. — There are people who say that the rotary complex ineffective. What would you tell them?
— I hear it’s already 40 years old. There have been attempts to put here a simple shovel, which is considered by many to be working effectively. But I saw how he falls and drowning. And with the KU-800 is nothing like that will happen. He will go. Eastern board’s watered, but we’re pretty well worked through this slaughter.

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25. — But, in spite of everything, the equipment is aging, repair is getting more and more difficult. What do you pay attention to?
— We have every crew and engineer assigned its site. One — from the rotary wheel to the rear conveyor, the second — the rise-nomination, the third — the pacing … to repair the winter try to cover every node. Look what mechanisms send a RMZ, which in energotseh and what we can do to recover. It’s all plan, prepare punch list. This year produced a replacement bucket on a rotary wheel.

26. — I know, it is now not so often, but Czech experts still come to the plant to service this machine. What people say about her as respond?
— "Your excavator to give the Order of Lenin" — that’s so last said about it is one of the professional manufacturer. All of his peers in Czechoslovakia crumbled long ago. And this is nothing more than a recognition of our work.

27. About twenty minutes breed moves on rubber belts until it is ejected spreader.

28. Spreader — small copy of KU-800 except for the absence of rotary wheel. Excavator vice versa.

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29. There is also a driver loading boom. Total change in working on the spreader of 4.



32. During the 2012 season worked out and sent to dumps more than three million cubic meters of chalk. That would be enough to stretch from Stary Oskol to Moscow road (600 km) with a width of 5 meters and a height of one meter.



35. These are man-made beauty creates a mining complex overburden.

36. — What do you respond to the Czechs at the expense of ordinals Lenin?
— The answer, though still coming. They inspected the metal, riveted connections, cables. Put new motors, pumps, replaced a pitched road and made a conclusion that our excavator to work another 10 years. So let through 10 years of age and come. And we still have some work.

Thank you so much for your help in the press service of the Stoilensky separately Nicholas Zasolotskomu! Some photos I took from a friend and colleague Learn Nicholas Rykov.
Interviews with site kavicom.ru

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