Gosinvestproekt attracted to Ukraine for 2 years 9 billion hryvnia investments — Kaskiv

State Agency for Investment and National Projects of Ukraine (Gosinvestproekt) In the period from 2011 to 2012, the state attracted approximately 9 billion hryvnia investment, of which 6.519 billion hryvnia was drawn immediately to the national projects and 2.7 billion hryvnia — as part of the service InvestUkraine. This was announcedKaskiv, Gosinvestproekta head.


According to him, much of the progress made possible by foreign presentations of Ukraine in the presentation of their national projects abroad. "During the presentations were of particular documents signed by 3,816 billion hryvnia"- SaidKaskiv.

According to the head Gosinvestproekta, the amount of attracted investments to Ukraine several times higher than the funds that have been spent on the presentation abroad. However, he added Kaskiv, this year to conduct foreign presentations planned to spend half the amount than last year, thanks to prioritize and participate in this year’s activities of the Agency in the private partners.

Kaskivreported that 10 national projects already have signed specific contracts and the funds have already been invested in physically Ukraine.

EarlierKaskivstated that neither the state budget of Ukraine for 2013, nor in the state budget of Ukraine for 2012was not provided any funds to co-finance national projects. According to him, the state will only fund a network of perinatal centers and start financing the national project "Timely assistance. " Funding for other national projects carried out according to the performance of the team and the national projects of cooperation with private investors.

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