Gosispytany NEW AK-12 will be completed by mid-2013

Gosispytany NEW AK-12 will be completed by mid-2013
Municipal AK-12 tests run in the first half of 2013, then the machine is put into mass production, said to RIA Novosti on Thursday the chief designer of NPO «Izhmash» Vladimir Zlobin.
Earlier, the press service of the plant «Izhmash» said that the new AK-12 will be submitted to the state tests in 2013, when all of this is a clear start date and the end of the test was not announced.
«In June and July, in other words in the first half of next year state tests run AK-12» — said Zlobin.
He noted that preliminary tests AK-12 will be held at the end of 2012. «In November, we will put the first samples of the new machine for preparatory tests,» — said the chief designer of NPO «Izhmash».
According to him, the AK-12 has aroused great enthusiasm among all law enforcement agencies. «These machines are enthused at all law enforcement agencies, including the Ministry of Defence; automatic and expect from us and abroad «, — explained Zlobin.
The interviewee noted that the machine will have both civilian and military standards. «Orders from the law enforcement agencies will not bolshennymi, we realize. And to support the creation and technology, we are required to make a weapon on one technology for both security forces and civilians for «- said Zlobin.
Zlobin added that based on the AK-12 will do more samples range combat. «A number of samples of combat — pistols, machine guns, assault rifles and light machine guns as combined arms, and special purpose will be made on the basis of the new machine» — saw Zlobin.

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