Government and business together to commercialize innovations


The demand for innovative products — the main theme held in Moscow International Forum on Nanotechnology "Nanotechnologies". Among the key issues to be discussed at the forum — the commercialization of innovation, attract investment, the demand for high-tech products from various sectors of the economy.
To date, the main consumer of innovation in Russia remains a country that keeps a steady course of modernization. Developed a number of measures of state support high-tech sector of the economy: in particular, the mechanism of selection and implementation of hi-tech projects — "an innovative lift", by which start-ups can go from an idea to a full commercial product. The government supports the industry by creating a favorable environment for innovation activity, measures of legal regulation, the formation of public procurement, etc. Across the country, created a network of special economic zones, industrial parks and business incubators.
However, the State can not be the only customer of innovation, there must be a commitment on the part of business. In a positive trend, the Forum noted that for-profit companies, despite the high risks, are increasingly involved in the financing and implementation of innovative projects. One gets the community of innovators — business angels willing to invest in new technologies.
"Russia is gradually approaching the global practice: development, implementation and commercialization of innovations carried out jointly by the government and business — says NGO experts RIC-Systems. — Given the continued policy of modernization demand for innovative products across all sectors of the economy to increase as the introduction of new technologies will directly affect the competitiveness of enterprises. "
International Forum "Nanotechnologies" — the largest trade platform for discussion and demonstration of innovative technologies in mechanical engineering and metal working, optoelectronics and nanoelectronics, solar energy and energy conservation, medicine, biotechnology, and other industries. This year, the Forum has been demonstrated a number of innovations, among them — the domestic electric Lada, «store of the future" with the technology of radio frequency identification products, nanotech "smart home", etc.

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