Governor on the post, but the change is already preparing

In Russia began designing a new heavy intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), which will replace the famous "Governor", better known under the intimidating name of "Satan."

The fact that the works are carried out on such a missile, was not a special secret. Officially, it was stated Arthur Usenkov — CEO "Corporation Rosobshchemash" at a reception to mark the 51th anniversary of the SRF.

According to the director, the task of designing heavy ICBM was received in 2009. The new missile, as well as "Governor," will have a warhead of 10 warheads with individual guidance. For her, it is claimed, will have no trouble overcoming any missile defense systems. Usenkov noted that in the Soviet Union from getting TTP to develop an ICBM before the final launch into service held for at least eight years. Now it takes at least fifteen years. Example of the "Bulava" — a clear testimony. However, Arthur Usenkov said that "if the forcing of work and proper funding, as well as the creation of the modern electronic database of the missile can be in mine too, after eight years." I would like to believe.
Heavy rocket R-36M, which became the basis for the creation of a "Governors’ designed in the beginning of 1969 CB" South "in Dnepropetrovsk. The main designers were Michael Yangel and Vladimir Utkin. This ICBM belonged to the third generation strategic missile systems. Launch vehicle consists of a two-stage ampulizirovannuyu designed as to be in combat-ready condition for decades, which is confirmed by the practice of exploitation. A missile warhead weighing 7300 kg, which allows you to place it in charge of any nuclear capacity. As a standard warhead were selected: one warhead capacity of 25 megatons, one megaton warhead capacity of 8 or eight one megaton warheads. The firing range — 16000 km. Adopted the P-36M priyanli in 1975.

It was subsequently created even more perfect and more powerful ICBM R-36M2, which received the name of "Governor". She was accepted into service in 1988.

So powerful missiles are still not established in any nuclear missile in the world. Not surprisingly, in NATO called it "Satan."

Way to create a P-36M and R-36M2 was not strewn with roses. There were accidents, explosions, even at the start. Nevertheless, the result obtained not only the most powerful, but also one of the safest in the world ballistic missiles. If it were not for the collapse of the Soviet Union, in Dnipropetrovsk, of course, would have long ago developed a rocket fourth or even fifth generation. But the division of a single country and a total missile industry has forced Russia to begin designing their own heavy ICBMs.

Of course, the optimism of the CEO "Rosobshchemash" to be envied. Especially since he was once chairman of the State Commission on tests "Governors". However, even if the maxim of

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