Grader from Kharkiv won at the International Olympiad


Grader Kharkov Physics and Mathematics Lyceum number 27 Kalashnikov Vadim received a gold medal at the 54th International Mathematical Olympiad, which was held in the Colombian city of Santa Marta. 

Told us the winner, jobs overseas competitions were not as complicated as it solved at home, however, an entirely different level. "To write a lot to solve the problem, I have not: I had about half the album leaf on one solution. Though others have written and ten sheets "- told us Vadim Kalashnikov. The guy was hoping to win, but did not expect that everything will go so well for him. "At a more complex level, I have got exactly the tasks that I most like to solve. When I learned of the victory, of course, was extremely happy, "- says the guy who was able to solve math problems better than 500 other students from nearly 100 countries.

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By the way, the only reward for winning such competitions — medal. "But it is not simple, it gives the right to act with a degree in almost any university in Ukraine, Russia and Europe", — explains the Kalashnikov. It was a physics and mathematics guy is going to connect my life, and now hopes to 11th grade once again become the best mathematician in the world.

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