Grain enough. Meat and milk, too.

Agriculture Ministry raised the forecast of grain exports this year from 15-17 million to 18 million tons. She also said that in 2010 was introduced 494 new units of meat and dairy.

"We will return our position on the global grain market, this year’s exports will reach 18 million tons," — said the Minister of Agriculture of Russia Elena Skrinnik in the discussion of national budget in Moscow at the site of the Popular Front on July 21.

Skrinnik also reported that the gross grain harvest in Russia this year will be at the level of 85-90 million tonnes. This amount is sufficient to provide the domestic demand for grain and realize the export potential, she said.

In 2010, the Russian Federation has collected 60.9 million tons of grain — a third less than in 2009. The decrease in production was due to heat and drought caused the introduction of a temporary ban on the export of which was canceled since the beginning of July.

She also said that this year Russia will increase the production of livestock and poultry by 3.5% (400 thousand tons) — up to 10.9 million tons. According to the forecast of the minister, pork production will increase by 100-120 thousand tons.

According to the minister, in 2010, was introduced 494 new units of meat and dairy. Over the past few years built and upgraded about 2 thousand complexes for the production of meat and milk. Over the past five years, meat production in the country increased by more than 40%, in particular the production of poultry meat has increased almost twice, pork — by 50%. In 2010, meat production was 10.5 million tons.

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