Grand Prix Russian Innovations in 2011 took TSNIITMASH

The ceremony of awarding the winners of the X Russian Innovation Competition and VI of the Student Competition "The best business plan for an innovative project" was held on June 29 in the forum "Russian innovation", organized by the rating agency "Expert RA" and media holding "Expert".

In just ten years, the organizers of the competition examined over four thousand projects. Dozens of winners and nominees, according to the organizers, investors have found, some have been successful on the international market. On the tenth contest was filed 621 applications. The largest number of applications in medicine, biotechnology and agribusiness — 100, in the energy sector — 81, in the area of information technology — 72. Winners of the contest were awarded diplomas and statuettes of "Hope", made by the sculptor Hope Sidorina.

Winners of the X Russian Innovation Competition:

Nomination "Grand Prix"
Project: "A universal method nanokarbonitratsii liquid metal surface hardening".
Developer: State Research Center of Russian NPO "TSNIITMASH" (Moscow).
The essence of the project: Nanokarbonitratsii method allows you to make a more durable surface layer of details of construction, stainless tool and high speed steels. Details of hot melt synthesized sound salts amonouglerodnyh compounds at 540-600 ° C with extracts of one to six hours. The technology can be used instead of the traditional gas nitriding and chrome plating.
Application nanokarbonitratsii in conjunction with polishing and oxidation can attach machine parts and tools increased hardness, strength and corrosion resistance.

Was awarded the developer of the method, the head of the laboratory "means a heating technology for thermal and chemical-thermal treatment" NPO "TSNIITMASH" Tsikh Sergey G..

Nominated "Best Innovative Project"
Project: Implant-Assistant Program
Developer:"Center of Dental Implantology" (Moscow).
The essence of the project: Implant-Assistant — a computer program used for planning of operations for prosthetic teeth. It creates a plan of surgical treatment and sets the place, the location and depth of the drill holes for the implants on the basis of accurate anatomical data and the calibrated position of implants and allows the doctor to accurately diagnose the patient’s teeth, and the optimal selection of an implant, avoiding the risk of complications.

Nomination "Success Story"
Project: "Universal NIR analyzer SF for qualitative and quantitative rapid analysis of grain crops".
Developer: Ltd. "Lumex Marketing" (St. Petersburg).
The essence of the project: NIR analyzer — a device that allows you to define the basic parameters of grain quality (protein content, gluten-free, moisture, etc.) for one and a half to two minutes. NIR analyzers successfully solve the problem of controlling the composition of flour, meat and dairy products, fertilizers and petroleum products. Infrared Analyzer new generation advanced class Fourier spectrometer provides rapid full infrared spectrum of the test product in close range of wavelengths (760-1100 nm) using software that measures the chemical characteristics of the product.

Head office spectrometric Senichenkov VA and director of the Moscow office of the group of companies "Lumex" Molchan SG receive a certificate and a commemorative sign "Hope."

Nominated "Best promising project"
Project: "Biological agent for cleaning the environment from pesticides".
Developer: Ltd. "BIOLEND" (Moscow).
The essence of the project: A new biological product "Fenox" can effectively purify contaminated land from pesticides. It contains a mixture of several kinds of natural soil microorganisms, fully biodegradable, does not pollute the water, soil or air, is harmless to humans, animals, fish, insects and plants. "Fenox" prevents pesticides in plants, improves soil fertility and stimulates the growth of plants and protect them from disease, decompose persistent toxic pesticides to neutral products, carbon dioxide and water. The degree of purification of soil from pesticides — up to 95 percent.

Award project manager Anisimova Lily handed vice-president of the "Skolkovo" for interaction with public authorities and the public Stanislav Naumov.

As part of the ceremony included the awarding of the winners of the Student VI Competition "The best business plan for an innovative project" for participation in which was filed 91 applications from 35 Russian universities.
Winners V of the Student Business Plan Competition

Nominated for "Best Teamwork" — National Research Tomsk State University (business plan for the project "Industrial plant for the production of polycrystalline silicon for solar energy")

Nominated "Best Presentation" — Russian State University of Innovative Technologies and Entrepreneurship (business plan for the project "Development and organization of industrial production of biochips for early diagnosis and monitoring of cancer")

Nominated "Best Business Plan"
— Southwestern State University (business plan for the project "Interactive display bezekranny DisplAir»)

Special prize from Bayer — North-Caucasus State Technical University (business plan for the project "Three-dimensional television").

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