Granted a patent for an industrial design of the new Russian

Underwater Vehicle "Marlin 350"

29.03.2013 JSC "TetisPro" received design patent number 84373 remotely operated underwater vehicle "Marlin 350" in the Federal Service for Intellectual Property.

The developers of industrial design are employees of "TetisPro" D.V.Voytov, D.V.Garbuzov and A.A.Kayfadzhyan.

Multi-function remote-controlled unmanned underwater vehicle (ROV) "Marlin 350" — a new development department specialists unmanned underwater vehicles of "TetisPro." "Marlin 350" was created as the next step of a series of technical regulations, developed and produced by "TetisPro."

The unit was created as an efficient and cost-effective system designed to perform underwater engineering, search and osmotrovye works in coastal or inland waters at depths up to 350 meters.  

Feature of the new device is its simplicity and reliability, ensuring comfort and long-term work in the real sea conditions. The structure is the possibility of subsequent retrofitting it with additional sensors and special equipment for underwater work and searching. The machine can be installed altimeter, sonar-round view and underwater navigation system. Can also be mounted two-stage manipulator own production and other accessories.

Approved scheme propulsion system provides high controllability and maneuverability, which significantly improves the quality and performance of search and underwater work. Using carrying cable neutral buoyancy and small-diameter minimizes the impact on aquatic apparatus that improves its performance in demanding conditions of use. Optical link ensures high speed and quality of underwater transmission of information from the device to the vessel carrier.

Press service of "Tethys PRO"

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