Great checkerboard, or How the U.S. can get on the ears …

On the future prospects of the global crisis and the impending defeat of the United States and the collapse of the European Union tells the age-old active opponent of the famous American politician Brzezinski Zbignevsky.

— In his well-known book "The Grand Chessboard" Brzezinski, a political scientist and an American statesman, talks about how the United States should act to forever remain the only superpower …

— Many times I have read this book, expressed his opinion about it to Mr. Brzezinski. I believe that itgoodonly for beginners political scientists such as students of 1st course, and besides Losers.

The only statement which in varying degrees, can be considered as the relevant truth is Zbigniew thought that "… The geopolitical prize for America — Eurasia." And further: "In connection with this critically important, how America ‘manages’ Eurasia … "

I am always asked Zbigniew question: "Where did he get the idea that the states located in Eurasia, willplayaccording to the rules written in Washington? Why and what should be so sure? "

— And what conclusion did you come?

— Zbigniew and childish hopes that the Eurasian states will accept on faith that nonsense that the United States in the form of indisputable postulates for many years aggressively and often violently imposed on the world. I mean the so-called "democracy." In fact, under this definition, Zbigniew crafty and others understand the setting in their chosen countries, regimes that allow unreservedly loot their states in exchange for the provision of the U.S. and the West in general, guarantees them, their families and their close circle of confidants.

To understand what this frank cheating and deception, it is enough to remember how to form the political elite of the United States. To begin with the United Kingdom, France, Spain sent to its North American colony of criminals, murderers and other criminals. As a result, in the very highest echelons of the U.S. government fell, only those who could not by any means to destroy their opponents. Of course, neither of which honor, conscience, honesty of these people was not the question. For more than 200 years in the United States displayed policy for the deception, cynicism, the murder was not something out of the ordinary concepts, but, on the contrary, it is quite natural ways to achieve their goals.

Of course, these habits have been moved into the sphere of international relations. So "The Grand Chessboard" by Zbigniew no more than a verbal fog to mind minded politicians.

Examples of this weight. Milosevic, Hussein, Gaddafi believed the U.S. and the West, and where are they now?

Just absolutely naive politician may think that it will always hold these bandits. When it comes to how to take the money, almost no risk, Americans have always done. In Russia, in certain criminal circles, by the way, these are called "bespredelschik" and severely punished.

— In your opinion, what will happen in the world next?

— In one of his interviews with Zbigniew I asked him if he unconditional victory of the U.S. collapse of the USSR? In response, Zbigniew confirmed that this is so. And to prove cited the fact that the first and last Soviet president Gorbachev received from Western countries all imaginable and unimaginable rewards, Americans annually celebrated as a national holiday date of the dissolution of the USSR. Still, after their sphere of influence is then expanded into Eastern Europe, Central Asia, many countries in the Middle East and Africa.

In response, I pointed out that, from my point of view, the Americans because of the collapse of the Soviet Union bought yourself a headache, from which only death can relieve …

Let me explain why: the fact that during the rule of the official Communist ideas in the Soviet Union, its leaders were of sufficient ethical principles of conduct in the international arena. After 1991, the republics of the former Soviet Union under the leadership and direct involvement of the western, mostly American, advisers, many of whom were employees of the CIA personnel there was redistribution of the Soviet state to private ownership. When respected Zbigniew gives it a blessing, I am skeptical smile …

How can such a respected political analyst and the analyst does not see the obvious things? When the latter-day, first of all, the Russian oligarchs distributed among themselves the state property, they quite naturally drawn to the boundaries of Russia. At first they just bought property and took out the money, but then they pulled into more and they began to invest their capital in the economies of other countries. And then the fun began: inexperienced capitalists of Russia were surprised to learn that the moral "values" which are so heart-rending scream their Western counterparts, actually … just zilch!

While there was a process of understanding of this fact, many of the old Russian lost markets in the first place, this has touched weapons and military equipment. However, the study wasquickly, and that Russia has successfully regained its position. Then, in the expansion of foreign trade went Russian monopoly and banks, and also very successful. Still, after the experience of their Western "colleagues" who are so "successful" threw them in Iraq and Libya, was a good lesson for Russian capitalism.

Realizing that the Russian are not as stupid as they seem, the West immediately raised a cry of corruption, illegal income and oppression of democracy in Russia.

I once said Zbigniew: "Say, what do you all in the white? What your capital earned by honest means so much? Who for centuries shamelessly plundered the colony? Who while it imported millions of blacks in America? Who unleashed the war? Who, finally,fundedAdolf Hitler? "In response Zbigniew modestly silent …

And recent events in Cyprus just say that the West has decided once again to throw Russia. But this is unlikely to succeed, because now on the Russian side there is no Gorbachev, and there are Russian oligarchs, who, as they say, a finger in the mouth do not put …

By the way, I learned that after a few times they were going to a small circle and took decisions that are unlikely to please the West.

This is the reason and misses with Zbigniew our mind: What if they are unable to agree with the Chinese and the Indians about the division of the American pie?

And the questioning of one of the richest Russian oligarchs Roman Abramovich to the FBI from the same opera: the Russian elite are signaling that they go beyond what is permitted, starting to care about the interests of his country. But there is a subtle nuance that Zbigniew did not take into account: Russian business has realized that rely on the decency of the West is not necessary in any case … He began to understand this during the war in August 2008. If it is not up to Zbigniew reached, then it is not such a realist, which likes to present itself.

— But Brzezinski is primarily known for the fact that his plans are always realized … Why should only the collapse of the Soviet Union and the plan "Anaconda loop", which is now being implemented with regard to Russia …

— In his speeches, more desirable than the real one. Although, to his credit, to put these plans into pr
actice some work done. Take the collapse of the Soviet Union: the greatest idiocy in those days showed Ukrainian party elite in the face of Leonid Kravchuk. It was he who made a zealous representative of the Galician Nationalist ragamuffins.

Galicia long is a clogged suburb of Austria-Hungary at the beginning, and then Poland. Her elite and now useless to ask, what is the process of splitting the atom, and why you need Hadron Collider … Among them was never the leaders, organizers and politicians. Their maximum organizational qualities only enough to cut the peaceful Poles, Jews or Russian, and shoot in the back of the Red Army and the NKVD. And such people have come to power. Should I rely on the fact that Ukraine is ever with them will be prosperous? Naive …

But Ukraine within the Soviet Union itself was an empire! As, however, and the other Soviet republics. The Ukrainians were academicians, scientists, astronauts, doctors and even the Secretaries-General of the Central Committee of the CPSU. Ukraine belonged to the oil and gas north of Siberia, fresh water of Lake Baikal, the richest fish stocks in the Barents and Bering Seas. What kind of idiot would give up free from all this?

I will say more: Ukraine is the heart of the Soviet Union. It went from the banks of the Dnieper Russian land. Ukraine was to become the initiator and inspirer of the generator of the new union union among the peoples of Eurasia. Instead, she now serves as a collective edakogo Mazepa …

In 1999, my opponent Zbigniew Brzezinski, in his speech on the occasion of assigning him an "honorary citizen of Lviv", said: "Ukraine for us — it is an outpost of the West. New World Order under the hegemony of the USA created against Russia at the expense of Russia and the ruins of Russia. .. "

Good"Brothers-Ukrainians", right? That is, of course, not all, but the very Galician clique, which due to its anti-Russian nationalism and antislavyanskogo ever wants to consolidate Ukraine’s status as a fuckin mongrel Mr. Brzezinski, nursing from the body of the brotherly people of Russia. Can you imagine Rome, voluntarily withdraws from the burden of the imperial center? No? A Kiev did it … In exchange for partial use toilet paper in the form of dollars.

What an ass you have to be to all the forces to push Ukraine into the European Union was collapsing its falling economy and rising unemployment? At present, the unemployment rate in the EU reaches 11% in the euro area — even higher. An increase in the "right" sentiment caused by the regime of austerity and increasing migration. Most of the countries of southern Europe — in debt, as in silks, and pay on loans will be for a long time after the crisis is over. The credibility of the leaders falls, the old government resign, as in Bulgaria, to shift, as in Italy, come populists. And for dessert — a relentless wave of refugees from the Middle East who are fleeing from the civil war in Syria, Iraq, Libya.

But the hope is that the current Ukrainian circles suddenly realize it, just do not. More important for them to be admitted to the section of the Russian pie with zbignevskoy anaconda. I have to disappoint them: the U.S. has no chance to plan Zbigniew true. And she just anaconda choke and die.

— But because the U.S. has the most powerful military in the world, and the world’s most powerful nuclear arsenal …

— I think theircapabilitiesgreatly exaggerated. The Americans not only have never won a war with an opponent of equal power, they never even fought with him. What to say if the current U.S. media operation in Afghanistan is constantly referred to as a modern war …

I have been told many politicians, political scientists and military as opposed to "Loop anaconda", there is another plan, called "The Pit for the ass." In contrast to the plan of Zbigniew Brzezinski, he realized a 100 percent.

According to it, the United States in order to capture the global hegemony should be involved in more and more conflicts. This will force them with the giant public debt to print more and more dollars. So, dear Zbigniew forward, but I warn you, anaconda — snake fool, she could choke in his arms and you yourself …

Americans are so arrogant and so unreasonable that carried away the creation of such weapons, which are good except that only in the wars against the Zulus, or, in extreme cases, the Taliban. I mean, for example, the same drones that are in a war against a powerful enemy will simply useless. Enough to drown out the noise because the channel of communication with such aircraft, and they go blind and deaf. Just as easily, and you can fight with cruise missiles: on their way to put the batteries can be anti-aircraft guns, driven by passive radar type "Mail." The giant aircraft carriers is good only against countries that do not have high-precision missiles with a range of 500-1500 kilometrov.Esli they are, and a lot of them, the aircraft carrier — it’s just a very good target.

In Russia, Putin has instructed revive BZHRK — Battle railway missile complexes. They are a real terror to America as detect and find them on the territory of Russia is almost impossible: they are made in the form of a conventional refrigerator cars.

The Americans themselves admit that equal in disguise Russian simply no! And at the same time, their actions are forcing them to go down this path. And the Russian has not only created, but also sell the installation of cruise missiles disguised as ordinary shipping containers. Thus, conventional merchant vessels in an hour (!) Become the carriers of cruise missiles …

I am surprised at the stupidity of the U.S. military analysts and disgusting work of the U.S. military intelligence … For example, it is known that a few countries with a developed network of rivers and lakes, have already started to build and deploy BRRK and Borko — fighting river and lake missile systems. This further development BZHRK, but in this case the mobile equipment of ballistic missiles located on barges and vessels of the "river-sea".

As the U.S. is going to follow them? In the winter, these vessels will settle near train common in river ports, and in the summer to ply the rivers and lakes. Moreover, some of them will be in the guise of decommissioned will be submerged in shallow water. And the U.S. missile defense, as well as many other U.S. military delights becomes useless costly burden. But in accordance with the plan of "The Pit for the ass," so be it …

Examples of such U.S. weapons madness not to consider: the last one — it’s fighters F-35 Lighting II, who are not ready, not only to the fighting, but even a school trip.

Add to this the factor that the U.S. army is not ready to categorically and never prepared to fight on its territory, which could not bebetter, especially in the north and in Canada, for sabotage and guerrilla warfare. Enough to land there at least from submarines or conventional bulk carriers in the so-called "period of threat" a few hundred Marines, not to mention the special forces, destroy the command and control, communication lines, power plants, and all of America and Canada in addition to scatter panic.

— And what fate awaits the USA and their country Limitrophe?

— Very unenviable. The plan "Pit for the ass" successfully implemented. It now remains to the United States, together with its allies to really got involved in Syria, and Turkey, and there is near. In the future, Americans can join together against Iran and Pakistan. China is in line with its historical traditions will try a little longer to watch the endless fall of the American ass in numerous pits.

And in countries that are at the behest of Americans fall into the anti-Russian and anti-Ru
ssian hysteria, nothing good will happen. What can you do, it’s the economy …

Here’s Economy Minister Juhan Parts, Estonian Minister of Transport asked Maxim Sokolov use of Estonian Railways undertransportationcoal. "We ask you to consider the possibility of using the available free capacity of Estonian Railways for transportation of coal, which will allow our countries, WTO members are more intensively to develop good neighborly relations", — concluded humbly Parts in the letter.

Parts said: "Today the free capacity of Estonian Railways is sufficient to ensure the transport of coal in the amount of 5 million tons per year coal terminal in the port of Muuga." In his message, Juhan Parts also expressed regret at the decline of Russian cargo through Estonia. According to the Parts, the interest in the Russian coal producers and Railways also use Estonian ports.

Certainly not … Do Pa-and-a-Arts expects the demolition of monuments to the liberators of Estonia from the Nazis, the glorification of the Estonian punitive come just like that with it?

In Russia there is no need to use Estonian Railways in the presence of the ports on the Baltic and pull out as a hostile state of the hole, where he drove the foolish leaders. Let Estonia helps EU, NATO, and others such as friends. And Russia will provide its loading ports in the Baltic. Nothing butBusiness, ladies and gentlemen …

A crisis in Cyprus once again proved the Russian elite that the West and the United States — is, in fact, a sharpie who only see to throw his partner. Maybe someday it will understand and country-border countries. The main thing is to understand that it’s not too late.

— And finally, what would you like to wish Zbigniew Brzezinski?

— I would like to say: do not swing, Zbigniew! I recommend you look closely at the old popular Soviet film "Gentlemen of Fortune", where one of the characters has the ears of another character chess board game rules … end where the other party ceases to comply with them, as you did it more than once.

And again, in the Soviet past in pioneer camps was very popular this game is called "Chapaev". It checkers opponents lined up opposite each other in two rows, and it was necessary to bring down the mouse as many checkers on the opposite side. So, Zbigniew, do not force the Eurasia to play with the U.S. in the "Chapaev" …

It’s risky.

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