Green City Liotech at an exhibition in Madrid


Company Liotech with RUSNANO participated in the exhibition "Scientific, technical and innovative achievements of Russia", held from 12 to 15 May in Madrid exhibition center Feria de Madrid. Liotech company showcased the layout of the "Green City", using modern eco-friendly and energy-saving technologies based on the use of lithium-ion batteries.

The use of lithium-ion batteries as the energy storage is an important link in a synergistic interaction of innovative technologies to realize the basic concept of a "green city" in the medium term. Layout "green city" demonstrated the possibility of close cooperation and joint use of production design company "RUSNANO".

Employees took part in business events, discussions were held with potential partners. Deputy General Director Alexander Medvedev made a presentation on "Lithium-ion technology for electric vehicles and energy." In particular, the present state of development of electric transport in different countries, considered necessary to provide incentives for the development of sustainable mobility in the cities of Russia. It was also noted that the introduction of energy storage can significantly increase the safety and stability of the power system of the country. In response to questions Rapporteur stressed that the construction of the building of the plant is completed, there is a supply of process equipment for the production of lithium-ion batteries. The plant should start producing products later this year. Speaking time limit the rapporteur in the expanded response to the key advantages of batteries Liotech produced by technology company Thunder Sky, has successfully equips its battery electric transportation in China. Medvedev AS noted that the ability to fast charge, works in sub-zero temperatures, a large number of charge cycles, combined with the low cost makes it possible to introduce electric in Russian cities in the near future.

The company’s stand Liotech visited Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Alexander Zhukov, who pointed out the need for the use of domestic innovation in the construction of Olympic facilities in Sochi in 2014 and the importance of using modern eco-friendly electric buses domestic production during the Olympics.

The exhibition was held within the framework of the Year of Russia in the Kingdom of Spain and the Year of Spain in Russia. His exposition will present all the major Russian state-owned corporation, including the "Rosatom", "Rosoboronexport", "Roskosmos", "RUSNANO", as well as representatives of the regions of Russia.

The exhibition has been helpful to us Liotech, allowed to establish new business contacts and to present their products in Europe.

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