Grottoes in the manor Kuz’minki

Caves in the park Kuzminskoye

On the contrary Music Pavilion, on the opposite side of the pond are two grotto.
One of them is called Three-arch, because has a three-arch entrance. The other — Large, or Odnoarochny. The very concept of the word Grotto came to us from distant Italy and means "an underwater cave." There, on the rocky and rugged shores of the Adriatic, is really a lot of underwater caves. We have not — no matter where they come from? So-called artificial caves excavation cave dug into the steep slopes of rivers and ravines. Inside, they laid out a "wild" stone or rammed earth. This unique park pavilions. Here, the temperature is always a few degrees lower than the ambient air — a good shelter from the summer heat and the heat. As well there were caves in Kuzminkah? After all, there are no steep drops surfaces — flat terrain. But when they built the front yard and leveled it at the site, the slope formed by a pond. It’s the caves done. By the way, not only for beauty.

A large cave during the holidays was used for theatrical productions. A serf theater was not here. But amateur theatrical performances were staged sometimes forces the hosts and their guests. Then the big mainsail and turned to the theater. And another interesting detail. If through the center of the Music Pavilion to the axis, then it falls into the large cave. Thus, the Great Grotto is a unique resonator reflector of sound.

For a long time Grottoes were in a dilapidated condition and a lot of them did not even notice, and only since 2004, began their reconstruction.

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