Group tornado swept through the south-eastern United States

Group tornado swept through the south-eastern United States Natural disasters

To the south of the United States and the valley of the Mississippi River swept a series of tornadoes, along with the terrible storms. Suffered a dozen residents of the state of Mississippi and Arkansas. According to experts, most likely over the state simultaneously raging four craters caused after a cold front to the south of the Mississippi Valley penetrated further north.

The top ten states from Illinois to the Mississippi there was a strong wind break trees and roofs, as well as hail up to 3 mm in diameter. So, in Sharkey County, Mississippi, a wind storm destroyed many detached homes in Scott County wind knocked a tree onto a trailer, whose owner is injured, five people were injured in Louise. There are a number of cities in the destruction of Arkansas, for example, in Klarentone and West Jericho.

In just a short period of time in the emergency services received about a hundred calls of damage to very strong winds. Suffered mainly power lines and trees. Without electricity left 12,592 residents of Mississippi and 1981 people from Arkansas. Meteorologists suggest that the region may be more cases of a tornado, because to do so with all the facilities.

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