Group Transformer started production of amorphous transformers

Distribution transformers are called amorphous transformers future. Everyone was talking about the possibility of their production, but in Russia no one was produced.

Now, these electrical systems have become a reality for our country: A group of "Transformer" started production of power transformers with a core of amorphous alloys. The first samples are installed in the networks of IDGC.

The main advantage of amorphous transformers is their high energy efficiency. Due to the special properties of amorphous alloys power transformers with a core made of this material have very low no-load losses, which make up the bulk of technical losses in distribution transformers.

At the time, the application of technology step-lap transformatorschikam allowed to reduce no-load losses by 20-30%, and it was a great achievement. The use of amorphous steel gives the opportunity to make a real technological breakthrough and reduce such losses by another 75%.

Since the magnetic core of amorphous steels at the "Transformer" (Podolsk Moscow reg.) Will produce a whole line of products — oil seals 32-1000 kVA power transformers. The first prototypes are intended for installation in networks of IDGC Holding.

Operation of innovative devices in the field will test the adequacy of the applied engineering and technology and to assess the stability of the basic parameters of transformers in the course of their work.

In our country, the production of amorphous power transformers for a long time held back due to a number of economic and technological factors: the high cost of amorphous steel strip with no required parameters, and also because of the need for serious change in the technological cycle of production of transformers. A group of "Transformer" has overcome these obstacles and now the company is ready to bring to market energy-efficient power transformers new generation.

The use of innovative energy-efficient transformers will significantly reduce losses in power systems, as 25-30% of technical grid losses falls on distribution transformers. Operating experience of amorphous transformers abroad has shown that increased to 30-35% of the cost of power transformers 32-1250 KVA pay for itself within 3-5 years, depending on the regional electricity tariffs.

The production team of "Transformers" was founded in 2004. For several years, the company has managed to repeatedly expand the name of the product, developing a line of products both standard and non-standard design. Today the "Transformer" includes a powerful production, high-quality engineering and design center and a modern laboratory. Priority areas of the company — is to work on improving the quality of manufactured products and the production of new competitive, sought after equipment.

For the short term the company "Transformer" has become the leader of the Russian production of transformers. Successful development and introduction of the latest technology has allowed to start manufacturing equipment of the highest quality, as well as to work out unique techniques and methods that are now transferred to other industrial sites in Russia.

Podolsky Transformer Plant "Transformer" — the first in the Russian company, to establish a complete cycle of nonflammable dry-type transformers with cast resin and economical oil sealed transformers. The principles of work and materials used in the enterprise can take these products produce a new generation.

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