Grouping GLONASS covered the entire Earth


Head of the Federal Space Agency Vladimir Popovkin said on Friday the completion of the deployment of the GLONASS constellation of satellites.

Speaking at the State Duma, he said that in early October, was successfully launched last essential for the work of the Russian global positioning satellite "Glonass-M". "Our task now is to use this group," — said Popovkin.

"We are talking about the development of the ground segment of the system, so that by 2015, the accuracy of the system will reach one meter in what is now the figure is 6.5 meters", — said the head of the Russian Federal Space Agency, noting that while "Russia takes an unreasonably small place in the world market space. "

According to estimates Popovkin, the market for services geopositioning currently estimated at $ 260 billion, and the share of Russia it is only 3%.

"In this regard, we have reviewed the priorities of the Federal Space Program — quoted by ITAR-TASS quotes the head of Roscosmos. — In particular, one of the priorities of the Russian space activities is the development of remote sensing satellites, weather satellites communications. Another priority will be Roscosmos space science. "

Recall that in the constellation GLONASS system has 28 satellites, 23 of which are used for their intended purpose, two are in the process of commissioning, and three more are temporarily disabled for maintenance. To GLONASS navigation signal was accepted throughout the Earth, you need at least 24 operational satellites.

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