Growth in agricultural production over the past year in the Tambov region — almost 8%

The head of the regional administration Oleg Betin delivered his annual report on the status of and prospects for its socio-economic development at a meeting of the Tambov Oblast Duma.

  • Nikiforovskaya new elevator in the area of the Tambov region - the first stage of Russia's largest grain-processing complex "biotechnology"
  • Nikiforovskaya new elevator in the area of the Tambov region — the first stage of Russia’s largest grain-processing complex "biotechnology"

The governor began his report by summarizing that has been made in the intervening period. Tambov regionagricultural area. Therefore, the governor said, the locomotive of economic development of the agro-industrial sector of the region has become.

"In agriculture production in 2012 increased by 7.9 percent, while in Russia as a whole decreased by 4.7 percent. The volume of output processing industry for the year increased by almost a quarter. Meat production in the whole area in one year almost doubled, " — he stressed.

In addition, the development of the industry in 2013, also has good prospects for this year. After all, in 2012, was produced agricultural products and foodstuffs to 112 billion rubles.

 As the governor said, was formed in 2012 not the best for crop production. Less has been collected grain, sugar beets, sunflowers. But even in such circumstances, the agro-industrial complex will be working more steadily than before, due to the growth of investment in livestock production and processing, which made it dynamic.

Oleg Betin said that in 2013 will continue to implement 80 investment projects in the agricultural sector. First of all, the further implementation of the third stage of the Program of development of agriculture a total value of 20.8 billion rubles. According to the program, this year should be commissioned elevator and feed mill, pig production capacity of over 100,000 tons of meat per year in Zherdevsky, and the Sign Sampurskaya areas. Started the construction of downhole production in the Tambov region of 1.5 million pigs per year, as well as other facilities.

"Builders started construction of the first phase of the complex for the production of turkey capacity 33,000 tons of poultry per year on the First District. It is planned to start construction this year of a large object on deep processing of grain Nikiforovskaya area, as well as a number of other facilities, "- he stressed. According to the governor, the total cost of these facilities will be more than 40 billion rubles.

Breakthrough in poultry may be new construction broiler farm on 100,000 tons of meat a year. This production, as shown, has a high margin of safety to price fluctuations in production, and also creates jobs for more than 3 thousand people.

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